october and part of why november is my favorite

In the words of Charlie Brown - good grief! Fall has been a doozy in these parts, hence the somewhat radio silence for the past several weeks/months. 

Alex & Sarah's wedding, September 2014

Alex & Sarah's wedding, September 2014

Fall means 6 fabulous weddings. We started with a beautiful church wedding in town, then made our way to gorgeously mountainous Chattanooga, then did back-to-back Cheekwood affairs (both with a little sprinkling of good luck rain showers), survived a ridiculously pretty Sunday plantation wedding, and have yet to finish the final event of the season in Belle Meade and Houston Station. We have enjoyed beautiful fall foliage, some stunning chapel settings, and lots of happy tears and beaucoups of love throughout every occasion. My right-hand lady this fall has been our KDE intern, Chelsey! She has been here for every wedding this season (including the overnight stay in East Tennessee) and has proved to be absolutely indispensable. Our associate planner, Katie, has also been a pivotal part of our team -- starting with her very first independent KDE wedding on Labor Day weekend! We're excited to unroll a few new things to help you get to know the KDE team a little better and preview what's to come for 2015 weddings!!! November's already filling up fast with visits from out-of-town clients and planning meetings for the 2015 season - hooray!

Lauren & Rob's wedding | Father-Daughter Dance, October 2014

Lauren & Rob's wedding | Father-Daughter Dance, October 2014

Personally, my husband & I just moved into a HOUSE (!!!), are planning one more trip to the lowcountry as per our annual Thanksgiving tradition, and have been enjoying family visits as they have arisen throughout the fall. I tell you what -- I am looking so forward to walks along the live oaks and Spanish moss-hanging trees spotting alligators, cornhole championship games, ridiculous amounts of food (turkey and stuffing and sweet potato pie, oh my!), and a week Drew doesn't have to worry about studying for the CPA exam! (Maybe I'll even get a chance to sneak a peek at the beach while we're in Savannah!) For whatever reason, my brain has automatically skipped through Halloween and switched onto excitement for Thanksgiving and Christmas since September, so I'm trying not to fight it too much but to stay in the present moment at the same time. (Pumpkin spice lattes and costumes just aren't as exciting for me. Although I do enjoy them and look forward to passing out candy on Halloween... Oh, fall and your intricacies!)

our new digs! yes, it is in nashville. yes, we are both happy and sad it's not charleston. yes, our next one will most likely be in SC, though!

our new digs! yes, it is in nashville. yes, we are both happy and sad it's not charleston. yes, our next one will most likely be in SC, though!

Maybe it's just that November's my favorite month. Or maybe that October is a little overrated socially (I love Anne of Green Gables just as much as the next girl, but I refuse to share that Octoberphile quote). Maybe September and October just fly by too fast. (HOW IS IT ALREADY THREE WEEKS THROUGH THIS MONTH?) Maybe there's a sense of accomplishment when all of the 2014 weddings have been completed and everyone is happily married and honeymooning in bliss. Whatever it is, I'm jumping up and down in my heart thinking about November and maybe you're doing the same. :)

Lauryn & Derek, October 2014. Bridal Portraits by the fabulous Morgan Trinker. If I can have just an ounce of Lauryn's style, I will be set for life! Can't handle her fierceness!!

Lauryn & Derek, October 2014. Bridal Portraits by the fabulous Morgan Trinker. If I can have just an ounce of Lauryn's style, I will be set for life! Can't handle her fierceness!!

Also - my sister re-introduced me to salted caramel mochas at Starbucks and they really kick PSLs in the rear. If you're starting to get sick of the saccharinely sweet PSL... do yourself a favor and get a salted mocha. Just the thought of it makes me want to don my red lipstick and celebrate our proposaversary!!!!!!!!!!

Sending you all love and peace, since that's what I need to cultivate in my own life right now!

fall, y'all!

Between the cooler evenings, pumpkin flavor popping up everywhere, and full-throttle wedding season, there can only be one explanation:  it's fall, y'all! I feel like in the recent past, it has always taken seemingly forever for the leaves to start changing color and legitimate autumn weather to arrive. This year, however, it's been relatively cool several weeks this and last month (enough to break out my sweater and boots on a couple of occasions!) and a look out our living room window shows some turning leaves. It may not be Halloween quite yet or anything, but we're getting into the true "it's not summer anymore" season!

I've gotten my share of chances to mourn my favorite season (farewell, darling hot weather and frequent beach days!), so I'm embracing this new time with open arms. Let's bring it, tall patterned socks and Frye boots! Where on earth did I hide our monogrammed white pumpkin?

I'm also feeling fall in the kitchen nowadays. On my roster of recipes to try:  pumpkin french toast bake, pumpkin bark, a homemade pumpkin frappuccino, pumpkin scones...

I should probably break out my favorite orange pashmina scarf (I used to wear it nonstop in college autumns), too. And plan out whatever the heck I'm going to potentially dress up as for Halloween. I tend to pick easy-way-out costumes, like a cat or ballerina or werewolf (headbands / hair changes / made-up noses for the win!). But maybe this year I'll be something legit?

a favorite fall illustration by rifle paper co!

a favorite fall illustration by rifle paper co!

Here's my fall bucket list (bold is complete, italics are in progress):

Go to an outdoor concert {needtobreathe Sept. 13 - PHENOM.}
Go to a pumpkin patch with my niece & nephews
Successfully execute 5 stunning weddings {4 of 5 down - 1 to go!}
Make an apple pie
Dress up in costume for something
Make a homemade pumpkin spice coffee drink
Attend a bonfire
Make or obtain a corn hole set for our home
Bake a sweet potato pie
Wear red lipstick
Drink apple cider
Hang something fall on our front door
Host pre-Thanksgiving at our place
Celebrate Thanksgiving in Savannah
Roast a s'more (or eat one Drew's made me!)
Make buffalo chicken something
Watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" with Drew
Decorate a beautiful fall mantle


Hustle, hustle, hustle. September's feeling just as crazy as May did this spring. New bookings, planning for spring 2015 weddings, finalizing details and timelines and confirmations for fall 2014 weddings. These five fall weddings are going to send 2014 out with a bang! I have an amazing team of 4 event assistants to make sure everything goes out without a hitch, but in the meantime that means I'm up to my neck in preparations and managing people.

Despite the hustle, there's so much excitement and happiness and overall joy permeating the air. I'm taking deep breaths, honoring sacred weekend time off from work (since it is LIM.I.TED.), and then getting back to the bustle day after day. Hence the quietness over in these here parts.

We're still inspired. We still can't WAIT to share some of the perfect recent weddings lining our portfolio. And we can't wait to show off some of the fabulous work we're doing behind the scenes right now.

inspired:: early fall

We may not be completely over summer just yet (I'm holding fast to my white jeans and beachy decor), but that doesn't mean we're not looking forward to fall, either! Fall evokes a sense of warmth, coziness, and beauty in nature. It can be conjured by a pumpkin latte or pumpkin-scented candle or the crackle of leaves underfoot. 

From Chelsey:  "The inspiration for this board is the time of early fall with its cooler nights and warmer colors. For this board however, I didn't jump straight into the typical colors of the season. I kept hints of oranges and reds, but incorporated a lot of darker green too. The barn scene has a lot of floral aspects that complement perfectly with the lights and draping from above. I also love the dress for the bride with the little cap sleeves and headband." 

Here's a subtle homage to the early fall we so adore.

Top left, clockwise:  suite, reception, cake, gown, rings.

Top left, clockwise:  suite, reception, cake, gown, rings.

introducing chelsey!

We're excited to introduce you to our newest Kelly Dellinger Events intern, Chelsey! Chelsey will be joining us for the 2014 fall wedding season and we couldn't be happier to have her onboard. Get to know her a little bit better below:


My name is Chelsey Gatlin. I am officially a senior at Austin Peay State University. I’m originally from a small town called Clifton, Tennessee, but I like to call Nashville my home now. I am a lover of books, Saturday Night Live, side splitting laughter, and Elton John on vinyl. I aspire to be a dreamer of dreams and a creator of beautiful things.

For a really long time I was pretty clueless on what I truly wanted to do with my life and what direction I should take. Then suddenly it clicked. I loved planning parties. I even hijacked my friend’s birthdays in high school. But more than that, I loved weddings. I admire what they represent because they are so much more than just a party. A wedding is simply about the celebration of two people who have found one of the greatest gifts this world could offer – love and happiness. I knew from then on that I had to work within the wedding industry.

I have mostly worked on the planning side of weddings, but I also dabbled in working with bridal gowns as well. Not to mention, my extensive research (aka my free time activities) in watching and re-watching Paperback Wedding films and many others. I am so terribly excited to be able to continue on with this journey and learning at Kelly Dellinger Events!

belief beyond words

I heard a sermon this past weekend that really struck a chord with me. It settled something I had felt unrest about for all of my life. How can belief be enough? We are saved by faith, not works. We know that faith without works is moot, but so is the reverse. But still something felt unsettled about salvation by belief alone.

How can it be so that we can coast through life without doing anything God asks of us and still be saved because we "believe"? It's so easy to say "I believe!" You think about it and say it out loud and there it is, right?

The revolutionary proclamation that changed my whole perception? Mike Glenn said "If you don't live it, you don't believe it." It sounds so simple (and is!), yet so hard for me to come to realize on my own.

Suddenly the word "belief" took on more meaning. Paul's statement that his life was no longer his own once he accepted Christ suddenly clicked for me. So my decisions aren't really mine to make? I don't get to screw up because it "just affects me"? Believing suddenly started to mean more than just words, more than something you say or check the "yes" box on a piece of paper. More than an empty phrase that's too easy to spit out without thinking about. Of course I believe! I live in the Bible belt. I grew up in church. I got baptized. I take communion.

I started to think how my choices might be different if I truly believed.

If I believe that God is sovereign, that I have an important part to play in His enormous plan for His mighty kingdom, would I do the same things day in and day out? If I believe that He is the way to break the bondage of sin, the one way to freedom and total healing, would I make the same choices?

It's so easy to take the easy way out all the time. What do I want? What would satisfy myself in this moment?  Selfishness is easy to succumb to.

Part of believing in God is believing that you now have a new set of responsibilities. You have to step up. You can't coast anymore. You have to be an active member of the kingdom. And you WANT to be one. It means actively choosing Him over instant gratification or selfish whims.

It sounds kind of like imprisonment. And it is, in a way. But in the same way, it is the most freeing thing you can do. Enslaved to Christ, free from the world. Freedom from addiction. Freedom from evil. Freedom from sin. Enslaved to goodness and light. 

If I believe that Christ truly breaks the shackles of our sin, why do I keep choosing sin? That's not living in truth, and that's definitely not genuine belief. That's thinking, Oh, that's a nice thought - no longer doing this thing that I hate, that brings me so much grief and sorrow. But I'll never really stop doing that, it's just human nature. That's putting faith in human nature. That's putting faith in the worldly perspective that our culture leads us to think is truth. The choices I make, the way I live my life is a portrait of what I truly believe.

I'm not saying that in order to genuinely believe you have to live a perfect life. Obviously that won't happen. But trying to live in a half-assed way, being "good" when it's Sunday or when you're in a certain crowd, and then choosing the completely opposite for your Monday - Saturday lifestyle -- that's not going to cut it. God sees right through that. That's like saying you believe in the tooth fairy but putting your own dollar under your pillow. "Taking care of yourself" because you don't really believe you'll be granted that fairy's dollar.

Christ alone offers complete freedom. Freedom from sin, freedom from self, freedom from evil. The story has been told and it has a happy ending. We don't have to worry about winning the final war. There won't even be a battle. (Read that again. Seriously, read it.) Christ will come again and that will be it! No more pain, no suffering, no war, nothing but goodness and light for the rest of eternity. He alone is the path to everlasting life. He alone is the path to peace. Understanding that and BELIEVING it -- that is cause for celebration unlike any other. It is humbling and awe-inspiring and beyond all human comprehension. There is a way to a life without disease, without afflictions, without pain, without hurt, without selfishness and greed. THERE IS A WAY! It is not a hoax. Not a joke. Not a "nice thought." Not a coping mechanism. There is a legitimate way, a way out, and a way in. Out of misery, into pure light. No suffering. No broken hearts. Total healing.

All praise be unto Him. All praise. May every hand be raised to You, and every heart changed.

Heavenly Father, ignite my soul with your truth and your light. Let my belief surpass all words, and let me live as I believe. Direct my feet, direct my words, change my life for your goodness, day in and day out. Amen.

life updates | july 2014

July has certainly been an exciting month, hasn't it? Hannah & Brad's gorgeous Cannery One wedding, boating with friends, Drew's CPA exam, styled shoot planning, networking events aplenty, marathon planning sessions with out-of-town clients, many a new client consultation... Good month. Full month. Not many pool days have happened these past weeks -- too many phone calls, emails, and meetings to take a backseat here recently.

The second half of summer 2014 has kicked off with a bang that I'm sure will continue far into fall. Can you believe that by the end of this month, PSLs will be rapidly approaching, fall wedding season will rear its head, and before we know it the holidays will be upon us?!

super sneak peek!

super sneak peek!

Here are a few things I'm particularly excited about!

- A styled shoot with Ian Riley that happened last Friday! Can't wait to disclose all the juicy details behind our inspiration and the unbelievably beautiful execution!

- Sunday Supper Club. A sorority sister friend of mine and I are spearheading a campaign to bring back the gentle art of domestic entertaining! We're hosting a once-monthly dinner party club here in Nashville. Interested in joining our group? Shoot me an email for more details & how to get involved!

- Yet another trip to the deep Southeast. Drew & I are celebrating our birthdays in our two favorite cities this week - so excited to be finally dining at Hyman's Seafood and catching some final glimpses at summer 2014 near the Atlantic. August is the last "slow" month before fall wedding chaos and Drew's constant stream of exams, so we're taking advantage!

- 2015 wedding bookings! I've been meeting with several fabulous brides to discuss their spring & summer 2015 weddings. If you're looking for a planner for your upcoming nuptials, holler at me! Dates are booking fast!

- Welcoming a certain someone to our KDE team! We've chosen our fall 2014 intern for the season and can't wait to introduce her to our readers!!

There are still plenty of things I've wanted to do but haven't had the chance yet. Perhaps we'll finally have that open house at the office we've been meaning to host?!

Can't wait to see what lies in store for August 2014! I have a lovely milestone birthday coming up in just a couple days, Drew & I will celebrate 7 years of being college sweethearts, and we might just have a Labor Day weekend wedding pop up last-minute:)

Vision:  August will be serious but still lighthearted. Seeing our favorite city, loving on our sweet family, preparing for an incredible wedding season to come. I envision quick-stepping while still being methodical about everything. Some planning for the future but not TOO much forward-thinking. Yoga to center my mind, maybe a barre workout or two sandwiched in. Healthy eating, salads and soups. Less sugar. Less wine. More water. An ice cream sandwich birthday cake. With sprinkles. (Pink sprinkles!) Collaborating a bit more with my favorite industry city.