one little word

As I mentioned before on my goals post for the year, I am quite the planner and love sketching things out in my mind before they go to work in real life. One activity in Lara Casey's planning for the new year series was choosing one little word to orient the year ahead and all of the micro-decisions we make in the meantime.

karen lamb.jpg

I can be a bit indecisive (especially when I have THE ENTIRE ENGLISH LANGUAGE to choose from), so settling on one word was extremely difficult. I read through awesome extensive lists of action words, consulted my husband, looked at Pinterest. I thought about it over coffee (a vanilla spice latte, to be specific), pondered in my car, and contemplated at work.

Last night, as Drew was packing up to go on his first "busy season" overnight auditing trip (a week away in a small town with virtually nothing to do but work), I reminded him that we were supposed to pick a word for the year. He had chosen "church." I asked him to elaborate, and he went into a spiel about how church can absolutely be a verb -- that he wanted God to be the center of all of our actions and overall lives, that he wanted us to exude a churchlike hospitality from our home, that it tied in our marriage ("as Christ loved the church"), and many other beautiful and lovely things about how it had come to him and why he found it so fitting.

I absolutely respect how Drew came to "church," but I just couldn't see it as my own. That kind of bothered me, since I figured we might as well have the same word since we are a married UNIT, but alas...

So, a few hours later -- BAM! My word hit me like a ton of bricks. 


Focus on what matters. Focus on the Lord. Focus on my marriage. Focus on my calling. Focus on my family. Focus -- a refining of the visual sense -- in every aspect of life. Not seeing the "big picture" all the time -- clouded by things that don't matter, distractions, addictions, things of this world.

So, this year? I'm planning to be FOCUSED. Focused on my faith, focused on my marriage, focused on my work as a calling and not just a "job."

What's your word for the year? Post in the comments below! :)