2013 Planning

'Tis the season for planning and goal-setting and all kinds of fun new yearsy thoughts. As I read yesterday (courtesy of my friend Emily), "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ the new creation has come. The old has gone, the new is here! 1 Cor 5:17." 

I'm quite literally a PLANNER -- which means I tend to get swept up in endless to-do lists, I often dream rather than do, and that part of my personality can be just as much of a handicap as an asset. I love the above scripture because it reminds me that this new year is a fresh start. I don't have to do anything drastic in order to start doing things differently. All it takes is one foot in front of the other, faith and guidance from the Lord above (if last year proved anything, it is that great things are only possible when He's the one in charge!), and DOING.

This business venture was certainly something that had to be DONE versus just thought about. It took a lot of prior planning, yes -- but when the time finally came, it was more about done than perfect.

So here's to a year of DOING! I am saying yes this year to a whole heaping lot of done rather than perfect, to organization and efficiency, to having a live tree somewhere in our house, to hanging pictures on our walls and in my office, to reading scripture and living it as best I can, to dedicating a lot of attention to my husband (rather than making him compete with social media and a little glowing white apple), to hot yoga teacher training, to travel and time spent at the ocean, to glitter and pink and buttercream satin ribbon, to beautiful candles burning before me, to committing to sing every Sunday and Wednesday night in the church choir, to collaborating on big projects, to finding inspiration in places other than the wedding industry, and to always remembering why I'm on this path.

Heather Pierce

Heather Pierce

As I have said countless times before, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2013, here we come!