a few reasons i love weddings | part three

To get to know me a little better, I'm sharing a multi-part series on how on earth I stumbled upon this marvelous career and found my calling. Stay tuned every day this week for the remaining installments! {See Part One & Part Two here!}

And so it began -- conceptualizing party themes, thinking of creative ways to decorate, working with other Greek Social Chairs and on-campus vendors, delegating tasks and managing meetings with my social committee, executing events and all the craziness that preceded them! It was addictive, fun, fulfilling. I had found something I was very well-suited to do and people supported me, encouraged me. They affirmed me and showed up to socials I planned. I got a spring internship at a political event-planning firm and decided that I'd aspire to be the Social Secretary for a future president. It seemed perfect -- merging my governmental interests and my party-planning skills!

Inaugural Balls (clockwise):   Garfield's ,  Lincoln's ,  Johnson's ,  Kennedy's , and  Eisenhower's

Inaugural Balls (clockwise):  Garfield's, Lincoln's, Johnson's, Kennedy's, and Eisenhower's

It wasn't until I got into the thick of political fundraising and my boss offhandedly declared "I don't care if all we have are crackers and Cheez-Whiz, it's all about the money!!!" that I realized that political events were NOT the place for me. I wanted to plan events that mattered , that people cared about and made a real priority. I loved theatre for the emotional impact it had on audience members (sharing in the human experience!). I wanted to produce events that had that same effect.

So then and there, at the close of my sophomore year of college, I decided I would be a wedding planner. No more listening to naysayers, no more feeling like the only way to matter was to do something "important" like government work, no more studying fields that were dead-end for me, no more focusing on how to make the most money. After all, aren't weddings the most "important" party of all?

I got a summer job at a real estate agency doing marketing work. During my interview, the agent asked me what my career goals were. I told him unabashedly, "I'm going to be a wedding planner!" He told me, funnily enough, the girl who would be my supervisor worked some weekends for a wedding planner in town. I about DIED when I found out -- not only did she work for just "some" wedding planner, she worked for THE wedding planner whose blog I'd read back when planning my senior prom. THE wedding planner whose website I had shown my best friend (Laken) our freshman year because like Laken, she'd gotten her degree as an Elementary Education major at Tennessee Tech before starting her company ("See? You don't have to have an event-planning degree!"). My FAVORITE wedding planner in Nashville, the one whose style most aligned with my own. It was just amazing, the coincidence.

...stay tuned tomorrow for installment #4!