december life updates | super late

Oh my Lawdamercy! It's almost 2014! I know I swore not to let "busy" overtake my holiday season, but sometimes it feels awfully hard to combat. It just flew by. I know I say that EVERY.SINGLE.MONTH but seriously. Between traveling to Savannah twice within a month's time to all of the parties, festivities, celebrations, and operating a business with an upcoming January wedding... it was cray.

A snowy day in Nashville at the beginning of the month!

A snowy day in Nashville at the beginning of the month!


SINCE IT'S DECEMBER, it's time to recap the full year. And plan for next year. I'm currently working through Lara Casey's 2014 Goal Planning series, filling out my Simplified Planner, and writing list upon list in a sweet little personalized notebook my fabulous January bride got me. I don't know if I'll go through every last detail right here (there are some super-secret but ultra fabulous news coming from the KDE offices here soon!)... but so much ahead. So much behind us, so much before us.

Let's go through the month, at least...


Opted to dress up for the end-of-year NWPG dinner at Bucca di Beppo. Nothing like breaking out the cocktail frocks for holiday parties!

Opted to dress up for the end-of-year NWPG dinner at Bucca di Beppo. Nothing like breaking out the cocktail frocks for holiday parties!

self care  |  I had a ton of soup after Thanksgiving's overindulgences. We've been chowing down on delicious white bean chicken chili (Drew makes the best ever, seriously), beaucoups of minestrone, and Mexican soup, among others. I haven't been to nearly enough yoga (new year's resolution!), but practicing my headstands on the reg and trying to find a substitute for all of the hot cocoa I've been piping through my veins. #christmas

home environment  |  Working on decluttering, creating new systems for organization, and streamlining our life at home. I took down all of the Christmas decor last night so that we can have a refreshed new year with a clean house. We're still not quite there yet, but progress. Progress.

relationship  |   Every single day I can't imagine loving Drew any more than I do. And every day I prove myself wrong, in the best way. He's been so wonderful to spend time with. I'm not really looking forward to being a busy season/CPA widow starting next month, but I know it's what we NEED, so I've got to do my best to be the ultimate supporter. Advice is welcome!

friends & fam  |   We had that holiday party we'd been hoping for yesterday! It was a low-key post-Christmas gathering of a few friends, complete with a specialty cocktail and my fabulously dressed Christmas table (to send off the season in style -- complete with striped red and green straws, green seersucker linens, red weaved placemats, and some Christmas-colored homemade marguerita pizza). We've seen plenty of family, friends (near and far!), and look forward to planned gatherings in 2014. I've grown terribly fond of brunch get-togethers; they're just the perfect way to see people without having to give up a whole Saturday night or plan a huge party months in advance. A little champ and fruit juice, coffee and fixings, a couple of quiches and some muffins, and BOOM. 

career  |   God has shown me on so many occasions lately how He has definitely planned for me to continue on this path. The doors He's opened are so reaffirming it's undeniable. I'm just in it for the ride!

fun & rec  |   I haven't had a bit of a shortage of fun or recreation lately. Christmas cookie swaps, brunch with girlfriends, decorating cookies, going for walks, happy mail swaps, marathon board games... December's been good.

cause or purpose  |   Drew and I volunteered with our church a couple of weeks ago to help stuff food baskets and deliver them to families in need. My yoga studio has partnered with a fabulous philanthropy to help build self-sustainable communities in Uganda with a holiday program that I've had the privilege to participate in and promote, so that's been lovely as well. I love stumbling upon and contributing to really meaningful organizations that i'd be happy to stand behind wholeheartedly!

Look for goal-setting details and more tomorrow on my year-end recap! xoxo, KD