things that fire me up:: the ocean

Right now, as I listen to rain hitting the window in my office, I am pining hard for the ocean. Even if it was as grey and dreary as it is here in Tennessee, at least if I was seaside, there would be crashing waves and salty air. I'd hope at least it'd be a little warmer. I went on a spring break trip a few years ago in early March. It was cold (50s and 60s) and the water was unbearable, and it rained pretty much every day... but good gracious, it was glorious! There is something that draws me to the ocean like nothing else can. It brings me unparalleled peace, serenity, rest. It makes me wake up early in the morning (as early as I can stand) and crave the outdoors. Give me a chilly beach morning and a cup of coffee, an oceanfront view and a comfy balcony chair, and I am set for life. Of course, if it's warm and I can walk along the beach and watch the sunrise, I'll take that. (Even better if I can spend all day lying under the beaming sun, alternating between swimming in the ocean and collapsing in the warm sand.) But even if it was still March, still cold, still rainy.... I'm dreaming of the sea.

winter beach inspiration

Now, onto pretending the vent beside me is crashing waves and my hot yoga class is really just a morning spent lying on the beach!