living my ideal life:: april updates

Well, I'll be! Once AGAIN a month has flown by, faster than I could imagine! More updates for you...

  • Exercise:  I've really kicked this up a notch -- last week alone I went to 5 hot yoga classes in 3 days, went on a 4-mile hike with my mom, did a kettlebell workout with Drew, and went for a walk in the park. YAY endorphins!
  • Tidy Home:  This is the "needs improvement" section of the month. Our house is still pretty guest-friendly but hasn't been completely kept up.
  • Beautiful Workspace:  Confessional... I haven't really worked much upstairs since I finished out my workspace. It's still a little lacking, and I just haven't felt super motivated to go upstairs to work. I will, though! It will be a goal of mine for April/May.
  • Looking Presentable:  I'm getting better at this. Warmer weather means cuter clothes and retiring the leggings for another year.
  • Eating Healthy:  Eh, this is a hard one. We eat a lot of vegetables but a TON of avocados. Mix them with garlic salt and a bag of Santitas and it's trouble. 
  • Faith Building:  In all honesty, this hasn't been a priority as much as it should be. We've been watching sermons from home but not really engaging in a community, besides our once-weekly small group.
  • Going Outside:  Checkmate. This gorgeous (and psycho) weather has had us outside enjoying our patio, going for walks, and just basking in the sunshine as much as possible!
  • Undivided Husband Attention:  I still haven't weaned off my iPhone but we are going on one glorious social media-free vacation this upcoming weekend!!!! 
  • Preparing for Success:  Baby steps.
  • Making Time to Dream:  I overloaded in March. Taking a breather now.
  • Cooking/Learning Domesticity:  Brussels sprouts, anyone?

Getting in the island spirit a few days early!

Getting in the island spirit a few days early!

This month has been an interesting one. Drew and I planned an EXTREMELY last-minute early anniversary vacation, which has honestly taken up the majority of my attention the past couple of weeks. (Or rather, the past one-and-a-half weeks, since that's as long as we've had the trip booked!) Some really fun things have been on the horizon and kept under wraps as of late (like a new Kelly Dellinger Events package offering) and some personal goal-reaching unrelated to the wedding field... but I'll elaborate more on all of that later.

Happy April! Did everyone have a good Tax Day? Drew and I are so excited to celebrate out of the country next week!!!! (EEEEP!)