my favorite wedding film of all time

I am such a proponent for hiring a wedding videographer! Nothing compares to video when it comes to reliving your wedding day. I have stunning photos scattered around my apartment (and one day will be living in an album to flip through), but there's no way I would ever be able to hear the conversations I had on our wedding day, listen to our spoken wedding vows, or see the ridiculous dancing that brought me so much joy the day we got married. Everyone says your wedding day will be a blur, and they're right. Taken from someone who's seen pretty much every angle of a wedding -- when you're the bride or groom, you miss things. We didn't get to enjoy our cocktail hour (since we opted to go upstairs for a moment to chill together instead), so we missed our friend playing violin and cups of champagne dished out from my mother's vintage Fostoria punch bowl. In the moments I spent dressing and waiting for our first look, I missed my husband cutting up with his dearest friends, making jokes (and screaming inappropriate words), and having his bowtie tied [by the one groomsmen who knew how...]. But through film, we got to see all of our incredible wedding photos COME TO LIFE. We saw more than just a split-second of emotion felt -- the tears, the laughter, the little jokes shared. And with FocalPoint's phenomenal movie-quality filming, our video clips (expertly crafted by Lynette McNeal) were/are ABSOLUTELY as realistic and high-quality as our photos taken by Kristine Neeley. Oh, it gives me chills. Here's just a tiny snippet, a hilarious little token from our wedding film. Thank you to Kelsey and Jon for stepping in and capturing our precious day. And thank you, Lynette, for pouring your heart and talents into this!!!!