june life updates

Time has gotten so elusive I almost titled this post "July life updates." That's bad, y'all!

Once again, it's mid-month. It's been hotter, busier, and more transitional than the other months. No? I say that every month? Ok, fine. 

Let's get down to business. 


daily dose of vitamin D, courtesy of my apartment pool last week! 

daily dose of vitamin D, courtesy of my apartment pool last week! 

  • Exercise:  Due to a recent personal endeavor, I'm now required to attend 7 - 11 hot yoga classes a week. No excuses. Once this weekend's wedding is over (Woo hoo Dawn & Jeff!!!), you can expect to find me sweating in spandex every waking moment of life. In between working on my August/October weddings, of course.
  • Tidy Home:  Major embarrassment over here. I got caught red-handed with a horrific looking car today. I can't even get into it, it's so bad. However, I'm choosing to look at it as a positive, as a learning experience for me to realize how appearances matter, how cleanliness and tidiness is NECESSARY (in personal and professional matters), and how you can never know what all life is going to throw at you, so BE PREPARED. Maybe I shouldn't have dropped out of girl scouts as a Brownie...
  • Beautiful Workspace:  Again. Horrific. I need a lifespace makeover. "We must get our own lives in order before we can best serve others." <-- Words of wisdom from my own two lips. Putting that into practice? I may need more help.
  • Looking Presentable:  As someone who has been out in public significantly more in the warmer months (hello, busy season!), I've been good on this front. Minus the scantily-clad yoga outfits I live in at home. It's too hot for real clothes. Ain't nobody got time for that.
  • Eating Healthy:  I blame my husband for leaving on work travel. Yoga is going to fix me, I'm telling you.
  • Faith Building:  Still in progress to become members at our church. I'm still on "needs improvement," but several things have been enlightening over the past month. One of my six-month goals is Consistency. Time to get to work.
  • Going Outside:  I practically live outside. Or in my car, since I've traveled more this past month than ever before. (Oh wait, I did the same thing pre-marriage...) But there are windows in my car and I have to roll them down when I drive Drew's Jeep. So there's extra "Outside" time.
  • Undivided Husband Attention:  I live for this. Sadly, Saturdays are pretty much it. He's my favorite person. I wish he was home more.
  • Preparing for Success:  Needs improvement. Major improvement. Some things are improved, but some things... not so much.
  • Making Time to Dream:  I really love dreaming with clients. I love hearing their thoughts, ideas, looking at inspiration pictures, and then collaborating on real life projects and end results. Reason #134332523 I love my job.
  • Cooking/Learning Domesticity:  I don't think I've cooked since April. YIKES. Oh wait, I did make some really terrible shrimp and grits. Because my cooking efforts decrease substantially whilst cooking for one.

    Things on tap for the future: 

    • Serious delving into summer/fall 2013 weddings! Let's go!
    • Living & breathing yoga. Becoming a better person all-around. 
    • Home improvement. Delegating days to tackle projects. No more excuses. 
    • Learning how to live as a party of one for a while. Being more intentional with time as a party of two.
    • Our first anniversary!!! One month + two days! 
    • My best friend from California coming to stay with us next month!  She will totally judge me if my house is looking shabby, so let that be my goal to keep this place in shape.
    • Learning consistency. What happened to that word of the year I was supposed to be working on? Where's my focus?
    • Cooking. Something. Anything. At least making one helluva smoothie. 
    • BE PREPARED. Become an adult girl scout. Hypothetically, of course. 

    If I had my ideal situation, I would write back to you in one month and say I have been weaning myself from black hole distractions, purposeful and intentional with my actions, appreciating my husband more and serving him better, serving my clients to the best of my abilities 100% of the time (going above and beyond consistently), increasing my knowledge, compassion, and awareness, building my faith, and an awesome cat-mom. 

    Challenge, anyone?