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I'm so excited to have our new KDE intern, Abby, contribute to the blog! Today she's giving her two cents' about bridal party responsibilities and what all entails walking down the aisle by your best friend's side:) 

For as long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by wedding parties. 

It takes energy, time and dedication to be a part of a wedding and I was curious to know what specific tasks fall to the maid of honor, bridesmaids, the best man and groomsmen.

Here's a little summary of what Emily Post has to say!

Maid/Matron of Honor

In my mind, I see the maid of honor as the go-to-girl. She is the problem solver and the one who is supposed to have it together at all times. She is the encourager, comforter, and helper. The now-classic example I could think of was Pippa Middleton. She selflessly stepped forward and took on the role with such grace. This famous picture of her carrying her sister's dress down the aisle illustrates the closeness between the bride and maid of honor.


{Pippa and Kate on her big day}  via

{Pippa and Kate on her big day} via

Typically, the maid of honor:

    Helps the bride select the bridesmaids' attire.
     Organizes the bridesmaids' gift to the bride.
     Makes sure bridesmaids have their attire.
     Holds the groom's wedding ring and the bride's bouquet during the ceremony.
     Witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate.
     Stands in the receiving line, if there is one.
     Helps the bride during the reception (gathering guests for the cake cutting, dancing,   the bouquet toss).
     Helps the bride change into her going-away clothes, and takes care of the bride's       wedding dress and accessories after the reception.

Some optional duties include:

Helps address invitations and place cards.
Assists in hosting or organizing a pre-wedding party, if the bridesmaids decide to have one.


The first thought that popped into my head….   source:

The first thought that popped into my head….


Being a bridesmaid always seems like a fun, important role without the weight of responsibility the maid of honor carries. Bridal attendants are girls who have known the bride for a long time, love her dearly and are working with her to make her special day happen. They put in countless hours behind the scenes running errands for the bride, going to dress fittings and venue locations. Some of their responsibilities include:

     Attend the bridesmaids' luncheon, if there is one.
     Supervise flower girl(s) and ring bearer(s) if asked.
     Assist the bride at the reception as requested.
     Participate in activities such as a receiving line and a bouquet toss.
     Contribute to the bridesmaids’ gift to the bride.

They sometimes:

Host a shower, bridesmaids’ luncheon, bachelorette, or other pre-wedding party or get-together.

The Best Man

The man's man. The best buddy. The joker. The Best Man encourages the groom, and keeps him grounded while he can’t talk to his soon-to-be bride.

The groomsmen have quite a few tasks. They:

    Coordinate the groomsmen and ushers' gift to the groom.
     Organizes the bachelor party for the groom, if there is one.
     Makes sure that the groom's wedding-related payments are prepared; delivers prearranged payments to officiants, assistants, musicians, and singers at the ceremony.
     Sees that the groomsmen and ushers arrive on time and are properly attired.
     Instructs the ushers in the correct seating of guests.
     Keeps the bride's wedding ring during the ceremony.
     Witnesses the signing of the marriage certificate.
     Drives the bride and groom to the reception if there's no hired driver; has the car ready for the couple to leave after the reception and may drive them to their next destination.
     Offers a toast to the bride and groom at the reception; dances with the bride, the mothers, the maid of honor, and other single female guests.
     Gathers and takes care of the groom's wedding clothes (returning rental items on the next business day).


I think of mischievous, loyal guys that stand behind and support their friend, the groom. They tend to be the life of the party and always keep things lively. They add a certain entertainment to a wedding that wouldn’t be there if they weren’t.

The groomsmen/ushers:

Attend the bachelor party, if there is one.

     Contribute to the ushers' gift to the groom.
     Lay the aisle runner, if one is used, before the processional.
     Greet guests and escort them to their seats.
     Know the seating order; review special seating arrangements prior to the ceremony.
     Hand each guest a program, if programs are provided.
     Remove pew ribbons, close windows, re-roll the aisle runner, retrieve any programs    or articles left behind after the ceremony.
     Help guests who need directions to the reception site.
     Be on hand to assist any guests who are infirm or disabled.
     Dance with the bride, the mothers, the bridesmaids, and other single female guests.
     Coordinate the return of rental clothing with the head usher or best man.

The bridal party makes up a huge part of the wedding and affects the ceremony in such an emotional way: the couple is able to share their special moment with their favorite people.

The heart of the wedding.  

- Abby