life updates | january 2014

I decided this year to do my monthly recap posts at the actual end of the month, since life tends to get crazy in the middles, and I want to be a little more intentional with my monthly planning and goal-setting/accomplishing. (Note:  I realize I'm posting this on Feb. 3 which is actually three days PAST the end of the month, but I totally wrote this on the 30th!)

Welp, it's the end of January. Almost Feb. One month of 2014 is down. Another rent check is due for my OFFICE (!!!!). Laura will have been married for a whole month in a couple of days (what?!!). My fab intern has been with me for 2.5 weeks! We have been keeping residence in Suite 445 for exactly two weeks. Creative project/editorial shoot #1 of the year is almost complete. Oh. My. Lawdamercy, this month, y'all! It has been kicking me in the rear since the ball dropped, as I mentioned before. It's crazy to think that life is starting to kind of get back to a normal groove. I'm starting to find a routine.

We're still not 100% settled into the KDE HQ. Still needing to get some lighting hooked up, repair and hang some signage, get some pretties on the walls. But it is pretty ding-dang sweet up in here... I've got a cotton candy scented candle burning, pretty pink walls, and a nice little portable heater to endure the frigid winter. It's awful cozy in here!

I am nowhere near the life balance and peace I'm wanting in my overall life. I need beaucoups more yoga, more healthy food (less sugar), some more well-spent downtime, and some better systems in place, but I'm getting there. One thing at a time!

I saw the photos from Megan McGee of our special Relish shoot yesterday afternoon and literally exclaimed out loud, they're so perfect. She is seriously talented. Looking for a wedding photographer? She's your girl. (I have some of her gorgy biz cards in my office if you need one.)

From  EsqueScript' s January calligraphy class!

From EsqueScript's January calligraphy class!

So let's get down to biz.

self care  |  Need more soup, healthy food, and yoga. Need so much yoga. I've done well with drinking a lot of water, though!

home environment  |  Christmas is all the way down, Valentine's is almost all the way up. Getting rid of a lot of things, organized the upstairs since I moved so much of my things to the office (woo hoo!). We're getting there. January was largely living in filth since the first 3/4 of the month kicked my rear, but I vacuumed everything on Sunday and Drew tackled the kitchen and it's back to livable conditions. Woo hoo!

relationship  |   Both of us need prayer for Drew and this CPA exam. He doesn't know when he can reasonably study for it, work is crazy, life is crazy. I need to find ways to be more supportive and encouraging. We both need time to expand. That will be our big battle for 2014, conquering the CPA exam.

friends & fam  |   My best friend had us over to her house the week before last and it was such a lovely time. Sometimes impromptu gatherings are the best. Most of the time everyone needs notice, but occasionally God will put everything right into place. I need to work on keeping in touch with out-of-state friends and being more intentional with relationships. Goal.

career  |   Goodness, career has been all over January. I want to work now to be "full" instead of "busy." I've got some fab weddings in the future, looking forward to meeting with new potential clients, and entertaining people in my fab little suite 445. I need to type up notes from my TSE experience and start following through with some wisdom garnered.

fun & rec  |   I've fallen prey to the TV trap here lately. Boo to that. As much as I loooove Modern Family, it's not making me a more productive human, nor helping my brain shut off appropriately. My anxiety levels are still high despite the laughter. I need more physical activity and quality rec. Maybe reading.

cause or purpose  |   I honestly haven't done much of anything for others this month, sad to say. I'm guilty of having my one-track-mind and eschewing the rest of the world. It's caused some problems. But one thing I do enjoy doing through my business is helping clients focus on their marriage instead of the party... so perhaps in some way, I'm fulfilling part of my purpose by focusing so much on the biz here lately. Maybe.

I'm on  GoogleMaps , y'all! If you've had the opportunity to work with or encounter me in a businessy environment, please  review me !

I'm on GoogleMaps, y'all! If you've had the opportunity to work with or encounter me in a businessy environment, please review me!

Something I'd like to try with these updates from now on is projecting how I'd like my life to look and feel in one calendar month. In February, I'd like to feel at peace. Settled into my office. Settled into the wedding season. Settled into some semblance of a routine. Settled into healthier, sustainable habits. Attending a bare minimum of two yoga classes a week. (I'm shooting low, y'all.) Packing healthy lunches that I actually eat (I'm freaking starving). Implementing better business systems that leave everyone happier and more fulfilled. Separating work from home. Actually reading the Bible. (Even if it's just a devotional a day.) Managing my schedule better. Waking earlier. Going to bed earlier. Watching less TV. Snuggling my cats more. Helping Drew more. (Ironing, packing lunches, keeping everything clean.) 

That's all for now. Peace out, Jan.

xoxo KD