Somehow it's already November 21st and the Friday before Thanksgiving! Even in the slower weeks (PRAISE YOU, JESUS, FOR SLOW WEEKS!) time seems to be allusive. We're gearing up for a week OFF from work (hello, vacation!), off from email, off from blogging, off from meetings and phone calls and thinking about weddings. All of this will start with a packed Saturday of meetings, of course... but so so worth it.

Here's what's on tap:  Saturday work-week wrap up. Sunday hosting our third annual Dellinger family Thanksgiving. Monday travel to Savannah for a week of family and lots of delicious cooking. (We're totally going to hit up Ken's Seafood Shack for some bulk Savannah shrimp, too. Can. Not. Wait.)

little bit of holiday inspiration for our thanksgiving table!

little bit of holiday inspiration for our thanksgiving table!

As always, there's a laundry list of things to do in the couple of days before we host our families over at our new house and leave for vacay. Here's a peek into my Thanksgiving prep schedule:

  • Steam new curtains & iron the linens/napkins
  • Prep a sweet potato pie, freeze the extra filling (to be toted with us Monday on our merry way)
  • Grocery shop for Sunday's meal
  • Sweep, vacuum, Swiffer the hardwoods to a pretty sheen
  • Bring in extra table/seating for surplus guests
  • Final touches of Thanksgiving-mas decorations (why, yes, we did already put up our tree -- we are waiting, however, to hang up lights and garland outside. and the dining room is strictly Thanksgiving-themed!)
  • Clean downstairs bathroom
  • Sweep the porch, sidewalk, and back deck
  • Water the plants
  • Iron the cat's neck ribbons and tie into double-knotted bows (why, yes, I am that crazy cat lady)
  • Drew: Organize kitchen
  • Drew: Mow lawn
  • Charge phones and camera battery
  • Pack for Savannah trip (a mixture of warm and cool-weather attire, rain gear, lots of lounge clothes, fur-lined slippers, tennis shoes for walking the JF Gregory Park trail, yoga clothes & travel mat, hot rollers for holiday bounce, and cozy socks, among other things)