life updates | february 2014

This year, I tell you what. This year has been no joke. February always flies by because it's the shortest. It's been short, yes, but also jam-packed-full of business. Bookings. Industry events and meetings. Progress. Streamlining. Legitimizing. Narrowing focus.

It's been over a month in Suite 445; it's hard to imagine that just 6 or 7 weeks ago it was an ugly pea-green color and dark and drab and void of any kind of Kellification. Now it's pink and light and colorful and bright and lovely and smells like cotton candy and is oh-so-cozy. There are things on the walls! As I mentioned last month, the KDE HQ is a work in progress and will be designed/updated in phases. This month brought a few more art pieces, a little more tropical influence (JUST WAIT UNTIL IT'S DONE! HOORAY!), and more settling in.

This month has been substantially better for me in terms of taking care of myself, my body, my mind. I've been to considerably more yoga classes this month than I have in the past six months (and that's despite the studio flooding last week and being temporarily closed for business!). I have drunk so much water. Less espresso. I'm not doing that fab on the eating-healthy front, but there's progress and I'm only going for progress, not perfection. I don't feel nearly as much like I'm drowning in my own life. I got TOO busy last month and the beginning of this month. Since last week, I've cut some hard things out and narrowed my focus on the things that matter most, and it's paid off. I'm still a little anxious adjusting to all of these life and business transitions, but it's so much better. So much better. 

I'm working through Cathy Olson's Design Life Project (for the second time -- started it last fall!) and the Pretty Perfect Process to improve my business operations and scheduling.

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 2.08.11 PM.png


I am NOT taking on any styled shoot projects currently. My sanity can't take it, unfortunately. Nor can my workload for paying planning clients. It's a good problem to have!

I am, however, considering options for a summer 2014 intern. The application is live on my Careers page. I plan to start seriously reviewing those and interviewing candidates by the end of March/early April. We're also taking on a limited number of rotating paid event assistants to help on event dates. Candidates MUST be professional, dependable, personable, adept at problem-solving and taking direction, and authentically represent the Kelly Dellinger Events brand. (Email me if you're interested in joining the team!)

**Also on the agenda for me/KDE upcoming in the immediate future:  I'm taking a week (Monday, March 3 - Monday, March 10) to refresh and recharge for the upcoming wedding season while enjoying the gorgeousness of the Savannah, Georgia lowcountry. I will have extremely limited access to email and phone during that week but all emails/calls will be answered starting Tuesday, March 11. I plan to detach my iPhone from my hand, turn off all notifications, and practice being present during my weeklong visit with family.**

We had our Fahrenheit Yoga Studio staff photo shoot a couple of weekends ago! Love  TaraSierra 's work - she also does wedding photography!

We had our Fahrenheit Yoga Studio staff photo shoot a couple of weekends ago! Love TaraSierra's work - she also does wedding photography!

Here's the standard:

self care  |  Yoga and water have been good to me. Caffeine and social media have not. Working on changing up the proportions of time I spend doing each.

home environment  |  I've been significantly better about keeping a calm home environment, but there is room to grow. We have more organizational systems to implement and routines to get into before it's totally a haven in the non-working hours.

relationship  |   Drew has been going full-force into CPA studying this month. He's hitting it hard, which is good for getting it over with but also difficult, since it's pretty all-encompassing with his time. Prayers are still appreciated for him as he conquers this uphill battle and struggles to find calm/sanity/respite from time to time. I also need prayers to be a better helper for him instead of totally work-centric, since we are a team and I have to pull my weight. Evenly yoked, y'all. Yoga threads its way through so much of my life!

friends & fam  |   This month has been much better on the friends front -- calling faraway friends more frequently, seeing people on weekends or the occasional hiking date. It is good for my soul!

career  |  Taken. Off. My plate is full, indeed, in the very best way. 

fun & rec  |  This month has had less TV and more actual real-life activities. Seeing people. Going to yoga. Being social. Being physically active. It's marvelous. Looking forward to a FUN week in Savannah sight-seeing and squeezing my nephews/niece!

cause or purpose  |   I've felt more of a connection to this lately, especially in light of the yoga studio flooding. It refreshes your perspective on what an impact yoga has on its practitioners (myself included!) and makes me take it less lightly. I see more of the impact my wedding business has as my personal ministry, too. I LOVE WHAT I DO!!!!!

sneak peek of the KDE HQ, currently as-is!

sneak peek of the KDE HQ, currently as-is!

In the spirit of envisioning how I'd like my next month to be.... I envision March as my running start. I have a lot of "marathon planning dates" scheduled with clients' spring break availability. I'm planning on getting a lot of stuff done, checked off the overarching to-do list, and creating a lot of sighs of relief for my sweet couples. I'm excited to start the month off in a relaxing and inspiring environment, weaned away from devices, and then recharged for this crazy-awesome season ahead. I'd like to do a better job of cooking for Drew throughout the week, attending church consistently, keep up our Saturday date night ashtanga yoga rituals, and staying true to my abilities and limitations. Less fear, more trust. Less anxiety, more joy.