life updates | april 2014

Welp, April? You've come and gone. Yet again. And what a bizarre month you've been! Doctors appointments, friends and family visiting from out of town, one wedding, the conclusion of my spring internship, getting a terribly annoying lingering cold... April has thrown me off my normal routine. Time to recalibrate.

Next month is going to be a wedding whirlwind of sorts. I have THREE couples getting married. One of which is my darling brother-in-law and his fiancé of a billion years, Jenn! (Drew and I will both be IN their wedding, in addition to me directing it from my vantage point.) On top of that? Drew & I get to be wedding plain ol' ATTENDEES this upcoming weekend for one of his dear fraternity brothers' big day. I am so immensely excited to get to dress up, watch a sweet couple get married (rather than hustling around behind the scenes during the actual ceremony), and get to dance and play during the reception! Can't wait!

Besides all of the nuptial madness, my best friend is having a BABY (fingers crossed - she could hold off until June) this month. Drew will take another portion of the CPA exam after Memorial Day, and we may just take a mini jaunt to celebrate the wrap-up of May weddings and exam insanity that last week.

Taken from the photo booth at Lauren & David's affair Apr. 12!

Taken from the photo booth at Lauren & David's affair Apr. 12!

self care  |  I've successfully been drinking less coffee. However, I still need to cut back even more. I need more water, more yoga, and more vegetables, but besides that, I'm good on sleep and taking adequate breaks. I'm ready to get over this stupid spring cold! Coughing is my least favorite thing to do.

home environment  |  I've been going crazy on clutter here. I've taken so many bags of things to Goodwill -- paring down clothes, kitchen goods, everything. Time to keep on trimming down the excess. How did we accumulate so much clutter?!!?

relationship  |   Drew is working out of town a lot lately, so I'm trying to use my time while he's gone for seeing people who are in town, tidying/organizing the house/recuperating from being sick (BOO), and going to yoga.

friends & fam  |   We've seen a good deal of family this past month, with out-of-towners visiting middle Tennessee, and a couple of friendly gatherings. 

career  |  BUSY.

fun & rec  |  I feel fine in this department. I've taken off a good amount of time to see people the past couple of weeks and feel off my game and out of my routine. Wanting a bit of stability to get me going now.

cause or purpose  |   My intention the past couple of days has been "Recover." In the past it has been things like "Survive" -- sometimes you just have to keep on going, keep on moving, make it through this little life drizzle. My never-ending coughing bouts have been an annoying drizzle over the past week, so I'm ready to recover fully and be back ready to swing at May.

Got the sweetest thank-you note + homemade cookies from past October bride, Ginger!

Got the sweetest thank-you note + homemade cookies from past October bride, Ginger!

Oh, May. I hope you don't fly by too fast. I want to be friends. Let's be cordial, eh? No major storms ahead? Just some smooth sailing, ease of foot. A tidy and inspiring home with little to knock me off my path? Some organized time to be in the office at maximum productivity? Dedicated times to practice yoga, live in peace, learn to meditate fully. Five minutes a day for now, ten minutes later. Maybe a couple of daily session of Tracey Anderson's arm sculpting workout so I feel extra-confident in Jenn's wedding (and my strapless bridesmaid dress) at the end of the month? Lots of water drinking, healthy food eating. Less ice cream and cookies, more salad and smoothies. (I know it doesn't sound fun, but it's so important about increasing quality of life.) I really do want to live in a way that is high-quality. High standard of living. Finding peace and joy in the everyday, the simple, the lovely. Low stress, just taking charge of my responsibilities and doing them with grace and poise. That's what I want for May. And then perhaps a well-deserved tiny break, perhaps to see some body of water. Or even a couple of pool afternoons. This is my vision. Now, onto crafting a reality that makes it so...