Hustle, hustle, hustle. September's feeling just as crazy as May did this spring. New bookings, planning for spring 2015 weddings, finalizing details and timelines and confirmations for fall 2014 weddings. These five fall weddings are going to send 2014 out with a bang! I have an amazing team of 4 event assistants to make sure everything goes out without a hitch, but in the meantime that means I'm up to my neck in preparations and managing people.

Despite the hustle, there's so much excitement and happiness and overall joy permeating the air. I'm taking deep breaths, honoring sacred weekend time off from work (since it is LIM.I.TED.), and then getting back to the bustle day after day. Hence the quietness over in these here parts.

We're still inspired. We still can't WAIT to share some of the perfect recent weddings lining our portfolio. And we can't wait to show off some of the fabulous work we're doing behind the scenes right now.