I am a big advocate of goal-setting, list-making, and planning for the future (duh). I believe strongly in the power of prayer and thought. I strive to think positively, set lofty goals, and fail often. (If you're not failing, you're not trying hard enough.) The past two years of my life and this business (HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, KDE!) have revolved around focus words. I don't necessarily think these up on my own - sometimes they will be suggested by someone, or randomly stumbled-upon... mostly, I think God plants them. And they can certainly change. I can be wrong about what I think the word of the year should be. They can evolve over time. With clarity. They don't necessarily come when I think they should, and sometimes they're even an afterthought -- a descriptive word of what happened, rather than a foresight into what should happen.

I like action words. When I'm setting an intention for yoga or any other pursuit (big or small), I tend to gravitate towards the one-word kind (even though an intention can be a "word or phrase, something or someone, whatever you need to dedicate your practice to" -- words from my own yoga teaching script!). One word seems to be the most clear. I like a word that has multiple meanings, or at least can accommodate a variety of situations. I like a word that ends up being so encompassing it's not limited to just a business focus, or a life focus, or a marriage focus, or whatever.

2013 was building. I thought for a long time it was just my business word, but in hindsight it was everything. Building our marriage (wrapping up our first year of it), this business, our life as it is. Building long-term goals. Building a yoga practice. Building a teaching career. Building a strong foundation that could survive four months of Drew traveling for work every single week. Building a presence in church, building a stronger faith. Building relationships that would develop slowly and sweetly over time.

2014 was establish. Once again, my initial focus with it was just Kelly Dellinger Events. It started out as "legitimize." I attended an industry conference, acquired an office, started working on more intensive weddings. But rather than "legitimize," which seems more like a justification than a true focus, I was establishing. Establishing the KDE brand. Establishing my ideal clients, my planning approach, my design style. Establishing our family, our roots, a long-term path we're seeking.

2015 was hard to figure out at first. (Is any year not?) I know certain things are on the radar for 2015:  namely, a baby. A baby that will change absolutely everything. I thought about "transition" or "survive." Drew hated "survive" as a focus, since it sounded too negative. (I argue that it's a perfectly good intention and one I have OFTENTIMES during my hot yoga practice -- sometimes you just need to survive a season, or survive 90 minutes of sweating and challenging yourself. But maybe it's not as optimistic and makes time go fast wanting to "get things over with.") One of my plans for 2015 and my business is to grow my value as a wedding planner & designer (attending conferences, adding value to packages, differentiating myself), so I thought about "value" or "increasing worth" but those didn't fit either. My sister suggested something along the lines of "birth" or "create," since that's literally what I will be doing this year. But my business isn't being rebirthed or created. I certainly feel I have and will continue to have a lot of creativity to burst forth into the word (there is something creativity-spawning about creating human life, I must say). But there will also be recovery this year. Downtime. "Growth" is inevitable, as it accompanies change, but some things will stop growing at times (ummm, don't know about you but I'm not planning on getting physically larger post-baby-birthing. Just sayin'). And couldn't every year be "growth" anyways? We grow every day in wisdom and knowledge and insight and experience. 

As Drew and I were talking over dinner last night about all of this, I prayed and thought about what I want to cultivate in 2015. I want to take care of the things I hold dear. I want to breastfeed once Lilly is born. I want to be careful and mindful of the time I spend - working, in leisure, travel, with family. I want to be good to my body - taking care of myself with adequate sleep and nutrition and exercise, growing this baby to fruition, birthing her with care, recovering from the trauma, learning to be a mother, allowing my body to heal and grow strong once this season is over. I want to take care of my CHILD. I want to take care of my marriage - prioritizing my husband even when it's not an evolutionarily-wired desire, even when I feel resistance from the lack of sleep and difficulty of a huge life transition. I want to take care of my faith - growing in it, learning more, soothing my spirit. I want to take care of relationships, past and present and future. "Take care" doesn't even really cut it, but "nourish" does. My word is nourish. It sounds luxurious, like a spa day. It brings to mind sleeping in on a Saturday morning in luxe pajamas and intertwining legs and feet with Drew's. It brings to mind visions of the ocean, of healing salty air, of swaying palm trees (and coconut drinks). Of pampering. Of lavish abundance of care. The official definition is "to provide with the food or other substances necessary for growth, health, and good condition." I want to nourish all of the important areas of my life -- body, soul, spirit, faith, mind, spouse, child, family, business, clients, relationships, finances, home. Abundantly bless these areas. Be abundantly blessed. I want to provide the things necessary for the important things to grow, be healthy, and in good condition.

I love the English language. I love that there are words to fit the years.

Do you have a word for 2015? Happy new year, y'all. And happy two year anniversary of KDE -- here's to many, many more!

   500 likes, y'all! Happy birthday to us!


500 likes, y'all! Happy birthday to us!