It may be several months into 2015, but regardless -- 2015 is a new year, and with every new year and engagement season, there are obviously new brides and readers! (YAY! Welcome! Glad you're here!!) You can read about me & my team from our website "about" page, but I thought I'd elaborate a little more here on the blog today.

My name is (obviously indeed) Kelly Dellinger, I'm in my mid-twenties, married for close to 3 years, wife of my darling college sweetheart Drew, and future mama to Lillian Elizabeth (Lilly Beth - coming literally any day now). I have been wedding planning for 5+ years and worked a crazy circuit of all KINDS of special events industry jobs before I started my own business -- so you are safe to assume I am a well-rounded professional when it comes to planning events. (I've done it all -- manned photo booths, prepped flowers, delivered cakes, wrote for a magazine, served as a bridal concierge, coordinated for a venue, logged countless hours of wedding films, you name it!) I have a Bachelor's degree in Communications, but the best experience I garnered in college was planning events as my sorority's social chair and interning for a wedding planning studio my Junior & Senior years. When I am not pregnant, I am an avid hot yoga practitioner and instructor (and yes, that's probably the thing I miss the most as a preggo). My favorite place in the world is Charleston, South Carolina -- namely, the beach at the Isle of Palms. I have yet to find an ice cream parlor on the island, but I'm determined there HAS to be one somewhere, as that is the only missing link to it being the most perfect place on earth. I also adore Mexico and all of the Caribbean islands; I am an equal-opportunity island appreciator, especially when mojitos and coconut drinks are involved. Mexican food is my favorite (pregnant or not, 24/7, and 365 days a year), specifically anything with copious amounts of avocado and spicy peppers (bonus points for fresh-off-the-boat shrimp). Drew is always tackling challenging Rick Bayless recipes to my culinary delight, so I am spoiled rotten in the food department.

Cake is my favorite part of weddings, but I am very picky about the quality. (And I could seriously talk to you for DAYS about it -- incredible flavor combinations, comparisons of crumb texture and buttercreams, how much I love it... you get the point.) I'm also obsessed with bridal fashion and go starry-eyed any chance I get to walk into a gown boutique. (Favorite details:  tulle and fine-quality crystals and fancy lace and STUNNING silhouettes.) I love the variety there is for brides to choose from -- everything from the simplest clean, sophisticated lines with architectural detailing in ivory for a perfectly timeless look to masterfully designed, hand-sewn beading and sequins and pleated ribbons on a work-of-art blush pink tulle number. My own gown was very simple but timeless -- ivory Duchesse satin, A-line skirt, straight-across strapless neckline, but with a gorgeous asymmetrical bustle and small bow-flap on the back. (And I accessorized with a perfect crystal belt that I still break out to wear at least once a year. Girl's gotta have some bling.) I love stunning tablescapes and heartfelt details and luxurious paper goods and classic getaway cars and all-night dancing and sharing a first married meal, and obviously the gorgeous/lovely/love-permeating start of brand new marriages. Weddings are A DREAM!

My honey & I, at our favorite restaurant in Savannah -- B Matthew's!

My honey & I, at our favorite restaurant in Savannah -- B Matthew's!

I am a Nashville native (born, bred & educated), but I hope to move to the lowcountry part of the southeastern United States as soon as humanly possible. Shrimp & grits would probably be my last meal request, and I really can't stand cold weather. I have two (enormously fat) cats and one day hope to adopt a golden doodle or a giant poodle named Lulu. I prefer to spend as much time as humanly possible outside, under string lights or overlooking a body of water. Party-planning is my love language -- Drew and I love nothing more than to cook and entertain guests while playing parlor games and drinking wine (or signature cocktails). I love beaucoups of natural daylight, green trees and fresh flowers, and have a pretty impressive dress closet accumulated over the years. 

And now, because i haven't done one of these in eons:

the best advice i've ever received
"feel the fear and do it anyway."

my favorite quote
"do everything well." - kenneth calhoun

favorite vacation spots
charleston, sc | cancun, mexico

five things i cannot live without (excluding my family, faith, and God)
sunshine, avocados, vacation time, my iPhone, & ample sleep

favorite thing to cook
i love to bake, so cake! otherwise, marguerite pizza.

something surprising about me you may not know
i started out college aspiring to be a broadway actress.

most trusted beauty secret
mascara + blush makes all the difference in the world.

song that sums up my life outlook
i surrender all

women i admire, and why?
mothers in general (definitely including my own) - because motherhood is insanely hard, lara casey - her faith is her guiding force and she is one hell of an influencer in the best way, & calder clark - her style and approach to designing weddings; she always comes up with something brilliant.

books on my bedside table. 
make it happen, bringing up bebe, and lessons from madame chic.

how i enjoy spending my free time
snuggling, pontooning, entertaining, seeing family, traveling or dreaming about it.

Another particularly notable factoid:  I will be on maternity leave from the end of April until mid-July, so if you are reaching out to us, you will hear from our fabulous planner Katie in my absence. I am planning to continue blogging and staying as in touch with the biz as possible, but as you can imagine, newborns tend to be a bit demanding in the time and attention department:)