simple successful salads

This may be a little odd for a wedding planning blog, but today I bring you the simplest formula for a successful salad. Behold, the ultimate delicious-maker combo: fruit + nut + cheese. Plus salad, obviously. Mix and match your favorite leafy greens and vegetables of choice. 

Watermelon + Feta + Arugula --  Cru Catering 's masterpiece at our Charleston shoot, photographed by  Amy Cherry

Watermelon + Feta + Arugula -- Cru Catering's masterpiece at our Charleston shoot, photographed by Amy Cherry

Some favorite combinations: 

- Romaine + pistachios + bleu cheese + blueberries
- Spinach + strawberries + pine nuts + goat cheese
- Butter lettuce + avocado + pecans + bleu cheese
- Butter lettuce + peanuts + carrot sticks + mandarin oranges (not sure what cheese would complement this one but I'm sure there is one!)
- Romaine + shaved parmesan + avocado + pepitas
- Spring greens + raspberries + feta + almonds
- Spring greens + sliced almonds + cranberries + goat cheese

Whatever you've got on hand, toss and serve! Delicious!

Side note:  I'm very picky, and our favorite store-bought salad dressings come from the Simply Dressed line (we get ours at Publix but I'm sure they're everywhere). Loooove their Caesar and Bleu Cheese dressings.