new year, new resolve

HELLOOOOO, 2016! I'm coming for you.

2015 kicked me on my rear in a big way, so I'm starting this one off ridiculously optimistic and probably unrealistic, too. I am DETERMINED to try my best 100% this year in every avenue.

I'm not going to pretend like I'll be blogging daily or suddenly have a perfect social media calendar planned or a crazy roster of 25 weddings this year, but I am setting (hopefully) attainable goals and planning for success in '16.

You know how last year I wanted "nourish" to be my word, my intention? And how I so desperately did NOT want it to be "survive"? It was totally survive. Sometimes you just can't beat fate.

I don't know if I have a word yet, besides "try." Usually the ACTUAL word doesn't reveal itself until we're a few months in, so maybe I'll let this one happen organically. For now, my focus is to try.

BIG GOALS to aspire to:


1. Wake before 7am most days. Maybe not weekends, but at least during the week. There are morning hours when Lilly sleeps that are precious for my productivity. Must. Capitalize!

2. No alcohol. This is a big one -- a hard one for the socially-careered folks like me, especially. (Do you know how often I get offered champagne on a weekly basis? FOR FREE? Do you know how much I love champagne?! The bubbles! The swankiness! The taste!) I teeter between having grace with myself on this one (it's hard to be all-or-nothing) and needing to buckle down. It's a spiritual issue for me, so it truly is important that I stick to my guns this year. Plus, I obviously made it easily 9+ months abstaining just last year, so this is mostly a breaking-habits kind of thing now.

3. Go to bed reasonably early. (Preferably always before midnight.) Especially with Lilly's middle-of-the-night wakeups we've been revisiting since the holidays and FOMO hit us hard, I've been seeing 3am and 4am and 5am a lot more lately. It helps when I've had enough sleep beforehand so I don't snooze way past my desired wakeup time later on in the morning.

4. Get dressed + wear more color in the winter + wear makeup when I'm at home. I have a new "busy mom" beauty regime and it involves a swipe of some brown-black eyeliner, a dash of mascara, and my favorite tinted (Zinnia!) lip balm. BAM! I suddenly feel alive and alert and am ready for mama-baby yoga, working from home, grocery shopping, or whatever comes my way! As for wearing more color, for whatever reason I gravitate towards black yoga pants and gray tops when it's wintertime. I have a closet full of Lilly prints that I break out at business meetings and social occasions, but I need to actually get dressed more often when I'm focusing on emails/calls/planning from home. I will have grace because I do have a baby and spit happens.

5. Less TV. I don't watch a lot of TV as it is, but Drew and I occasionally fall into a habit of binge-watching netflix in the evenings. It's more enjoyable to have actual conversations (I can't tell you how many weeks went by last year that we didn't REALLY talk), read books or good articles online or scripture, take baths, and do life things. Main goal: do more life things!!!! What makes me alive?!

6. Be much more diligent with diet -- healthy foods, more water, balanced meals. I have legitimate health concerns and need to put myself in the best situation possible. Confessional: last year I ate a lot of ice cream chased by red wine (because wine lowered the blood sugar I'd just spiked by eating the ice cream). Temporarily "helped", but in truth -- not such a great combo overall health-wise. Heyyyyy, salad. Any good resources for literature on foods that notoriously stabilize blood sugar? Hit me up.

7. Actually going to church and reading the bible. I'm too old to just be skating by. I need Jesus WAY too much for that crap, anyways.

8. Be wiser with money. I lowered a bunch of bills today by calling and negotiating / getting rid of pointless stuff we don't need. YAY ME! 

9. Be tidier. Keep paring down belongings. Take care of my belongings. The uzsch. 

Ok, so in recap -- I'm basically like every single other human making new years resolutions.

And then there's my business goals, specifically:
- Book 3 - 5 more weddings for the 2016 season
- Relocate KDE HQ! ++ Create calm, beautiful, peaceful home office space.
- Update package presentation, online galleries, overall business cohesiveness (DETAILS!), and direction organization presentation.
- Maintain more consistent marketing.
- Learn a few new things!

Lots for me to focus on this year! What are you working on in 2016? Happy new year, everyone!