quarterly check-in

We are one-fourth of the way through 2019 somehow! The first quarter of the year felt like forever but also no time at all… January was a blur of home projects (a massive kitchen renovation that turned into a whole downstairs floor replacement situation), February saw AnnaCate’s second birthday party, March was filled with church things and health crises, and now it’s April. April already has eight zillion doctors appointments, social obligations, parties, and the kickoff for wedding season… whew! So much!

pink princess party

I thought I’d check in this month to see how my goals are going and maybe set some new ones for the next quarter!

Exercise consistently. For me, this means going to barre classes 3+ times a week and teaching as often as possible. I’d say this year has been a success! The only weeks I showed up a little less than that were when the whole family was battling a 12-day stomach virus and we were living in a hotel. Understandable! I know I’m so much stronger physically and more at peace mentally when I go on a regular basis, so it’s a huge priority for me every single week. Check.

Keep a tidy home. This has been kind of hit-or-miss — we did a good job clearing out a lot of clutter over the holidays and the beginning of the year, and then cleaned out in a major way for AC’s party (the first time we got to debut our renovations to family and friends!), but things have taken a bit of a backslide lately with laundry mountain and certain areas becoming dumping zones for clutter. Halfway check here.

Wean AnnaCate. Massive check on this box — I had so much anxiety anticipating it, but we did it and there’s no looking back now! Of course, the hormonal changes made me absolutely bonkers for a few weeks (and I’m totally medicated now… no shame), but I’m almost to the three-week out mark now so my brain is starting to balance back out and AnnaCate is no longer mad at me for taking away her beloved bubbas. Check!

Sell the Highlander. We have not done this. No check.

Plan vacation(s) for the year. This is another area we’ve just kind of let slide… there’s been too much going on to think about taking a break and we haven’t gotten to seriously analyze finances yet. Need to make this a priority in Q2.

File taxes. I got these done early (in February!) but we didn’t get them back until yesterday. Sooo… at least they’re done? Check!

Plan the social engagements I’ve got on the calendar. Mostly check on this box — AnnaCate obviously had her party in February. We’ve got a baby shower this upcoming Sunday and then Lilly’s birthday party next Saturday. So, close! Halfway check.

Get up to date on all client files and plans. This is a mid-way check too. Need to update detail sheets so everyone is on schedule!

Re-immerse into the industry and start working ON the business again. This has been something I’ve dipped my toes in and then hopped out of over and over. I have maintained my clients over the last several years without issue but not worked much on networking, marketing, or back-end business stuff as my children are so young and time is limited. However, I did attend our Nashville Wedding Planners Group retreat in February and have been diligently working on things for that which is reigniting some interest and fire back into blogging/marketing for KDE. So, baby steps… check.

princess party piñata

Now, goals for Q2 (granted, most are holdovers…):

Successfully execute baby shower, birthday party, and wedding #1 of the year (April).

Get all client files up-to-date and meetings scheduled for the next quarter.

Continue to exercise 3+ times a week and teach as often as possible.

Eat healthfully. Cut out sugar, plan meals in advance.

Maintain a tidy home. Switch closets over to spring clothes, donate/give away outgrown things, finally sell things I don’t want to hold onto longer.

Sell Highlander.

Plan vacation(s) for the year.

Plan out creative content calendar. Stick to the plan!

Update vision board for Q2. How do I want this next quarter to feel?

Execute call for branding. Take the baby step.

Fine-tune routine for everyday life. Plan for summer when school is out.

Sounds good, right? I struggle with making too lofty of plans but I just love long lists and knocking them out. I feel like this is pretty manageable — lots of these things are just in the “maintenance” stage and several are things that have been hanging over my head for way too freaking long anyways. Best to get it over with!

What do you have on tap for the spring?! Fun trips I can be jealous of? Annoying things you need to cross off, too? Isn’t it such a relief to finally do those things you’re dreading?! All my love, y’all.