test-drive your photographer!

Photography is, understandably, one of the most important decisions a couple makes during the wedding planning process.  Photography is the tangible end product you will walk away with, long after the honeymoon's over.  I encourage my clients to seriously consider who they choose to document the most important party of their lives -- don't skimp on quality or experience. Get the best you can afford, and make sure you "click" with the style and personality of your photographer. (Who wants to be surrounded on that special day by someone who stresses you out, grates on your nerves, or embarrasses you? No one!)

joe hendricks photography

With that said, Joe Hendricks Photography is now offering a marvelous new option for brides and grooms interested in their work! The concept is for couples to get a "Test Drive" to work with Joe, see how he interacts (so you know what to expect on the day-of), and sample his photography through a complimentary engagement shoot. There is no required wedding-day contract beforehand, so no prior obligation. And if you don't care for the photos? Walk away, no problem. Love them (and him)? Book him! 

See more about the process and FAQs at their website, located here. Joe Hendricks Photography wedding packages start at $3500.

joe hendricks