honeymoon:: destinations and tips

The wedding day has come and gone and now comes round two of this beautiful experience...the honeymoon! There are so many options whether it be somewhere tropical, mountains or somewhere in between. Some popular honeymoon destinations are:

1. Paris

2. Hawaii


4. Fiji

5. Italy

6. Cancun

7. Sydney, Australia

8. Virgin Island

9. Cape Town, South Africa

10. Napa Valley, CA

Pictures in order left to right in order of the list

Of course there are some many more amazing destinations and it does not really matter where you are as long as you are there with the one you love!


Here's some great tips from KJ and Co. for couples to make traveling a little easier. 

1. Always keep a file of your reservations whether it be flight, hotel or excursions you might be going on. It wouldn't hurt to include addresses and phone numbers for the places you are staying. It just makes your life a little easier if you need to make a quick call!! 

2. Tell your family your plans. Leave them a copy of your travel itenirary with numbers in case of any emergency.  

3. Passports. Keep your passports in the same place every time. It will help you to access them quickly and give you peace of mind about where they are! 

4, Bring some cash. Change some cash to the local currency of the place you are traveling. Sometimes it is hard to find currency exchanges in the place you might be. 

Be safe. Be happy. Enjoy each other and this time together.