life updates | june 2014

June was fast. They always are. It's the saddest for me, I think, when they're summer months. I looooove summer. Warm (hot) weather. Sunshine. Green trees. Staying by the water. Eating avocados and drinking lemonade. Why do you have to leave, summertime? Why can't it be eternal summer? My heart hurts.

This Saturday marks the last of the summer weddings for KDE! I'm excited to kick this one off with a bang (fourth of July weekend, y'all!).

Then it's a little bit of a lull until September ... aka, lots of planning for all these fabulous fall weddings! We're also starting to work on some gorgeous and exciting 2015 events!! Our calendar is starting to book up, so if you're interested in planning assistance for your 2015 wedding, HOLLA.

Sneak peek from Paul Wharton of Erin & Alfred's June wedding! Isn't that T-bird to die for?!

Sneak peek from Paul Wharton of Erin & Alfred's June wedding! Isn't that T-bird to die for?!

One exciting thing about July is that it's Drew's and my ANNIVERSARY MONTH! YAY!!! We'll be celebrating our second wedding anniversary in a little less than three weeks:) I'm looking forward to ordering some Dulce cake to celebrate, as well as rewatching our wedding film, which I have kept myself from viewing for a whole YEAR! (Whoever says people don't watch their wedding films after the day are absolutely wrong in my case. That thing has been watched at least 10+ times since we got it a little over a year ago!)

Vision for July:

I'm praying for clarity this month, as we continue to plan out the fall and winter and next year. I want to focus on living in the present rather than being completely future-focused (as I tend to be). I want to enjoy the little things -- going outside when it's hot, soaking up sunshine, laughing, losing track of time. I want to enjoy my meals, cook delicious food, eat to live. I want to be extremely well-hydrated and exfoliate my skin more (thanks for the tips, Brenna). I pray that Drew will thrive as he takes his CPA exam on July 13 -- that he will be focused and well-rested and confident and knowledgable and retain everything he's studied for the past several months. I also pray that he will take off from here -- plowing through the rest of his exams, finding a wind to sail with and accomplishing this longtime goal he's worked so hard to achieve. I pray that if this isn't God's timing for him to pass it, that God give him the motivation and encouragement to keep trying and fulfill this dream through His timing. I want to continue simplifying our life, preparing for what's next to come, refining how we live and focusing on things that matter. I want to start our third year of marriage off on a strong foot, excited and hopeful and happy and on the same page. May God bless the marriage beginning this Saturday (woo hoo Hannah + Brad!) and grant patience to my sweet fall couples who I know are just DYING to say "I do"!

In other news, I'm SUPER EXCITED to be working with my dear photografriend Kelly Cummings this Saturday!!!! Can't wait.