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Woo hoo woo hoo! Happy Halloween to all you lovely ladies & gents! I got an extra-special surprise on this lovely haunted holiday -- a feature on Junebug Weddings of my shoot collaboration with Kelly Cummings


Oh joyous day! We had such a blast working at Rucker Place with fabulous florals by Hothouse Design Studio and tableware by Table Matters, among other frabjous vendors! 


Photographer: Spindle Photography

Styling & Planning: Kelly Dellinger Events

Florals: LMA Designs {Nashville} & Hothouse Design Studio {Birmingham}

Place Settings: Table Matters

Bride Model: Elisabeth Oliphint

Hair & Makeup: Kaley Schwab

Clothing & Accessories: Molly Green Boutique

Bride’s Dress: White Dresses Boutique

Calligraphy: Kelly Cummings

Octagonal diamond ring: Diamonds Direct

Real Honeycomb: We Three Beeks in Birmingham, AL

Locations: Rucker PlaceMolly Green


You may have noticed my website got a wee bit of tweaking earlier this week -- anybody notice my new pretty watercolory-goodness background and rotating cover photos?!?!?! (Or is it just me...?) I am T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D with the end result, particularly after months and months of ruminating over the changes I wanted to make. I finally made it happen after a little push from a life coaching session last week! The coach I was speaking to didn't tell me what to do or define what would make me more satisfied -- she simply made ME define it myself and state that I would accomplish my goal within a reasonable but close "due date."  

the new look, up close and personal! MUCH thanks to dani boudreau for the pretty print!

the new look, up close and personal! MUCH thanks to dani boudreau for the pretty print!

One thing I've learned about myself over the years has been that when I have a specific (measurable) goal to accomplish and a realistic but challenging deadline, I will do everything in my power to get it done.  

Here are some fun upcoming transitions in KDE's immediate future: 

  • The addition of a fabulous new staff member! KDE hired its first official wedding season intern who will be joining the team next month! I'm so excited to introduce her:)
  • A trip to Charleston and Savannah next month! My husband and I will be visiting my dream wedding cities, scoping out the area, and thinking strategically about the years to come.
  • Fantastic fall 2013 weddings! From August to October (and maybe even December), we've got a delightfully full calendar brimming with fun events. So excited to work with my fall couples and post pictures of their stunning nuptials!

Is anyone else having a hard time reconciling their desperation for summer not to end, but excitement for fall to start? I certainly don't want to see winter anytime soon and fall is unfortunately the transition between the two. However, nice cool weather, long walks at the park in the evenings, fabulous fall weddings, SEC football, pumpkin spice lattes and the promise of leggings and breaking back out my Frye boots gets me awful giddy. What are you excited about for the fall? Anybody got a favorite source for thick (non-see-through) leggings?! Send 'em my way:)


no-nonsense rules for entertaining

As I look around my immaculate house (cleaned from top to bottom this week in preparation for Friday's low-key Easter dinner), it dawns on me how phenomenally motivating entertaining is for whipping one's home into shape. I definitely enjoy having a tidy household (it's so lovely and refreshing! yay!!) but there's just something so enticing about showing off a clean, beautiful space to friends and family that kicks my butt into gear a whole lot sooner than if I were just here enjoying it alone.

You only need a few key elements to have a lovely party:

A crazy gorgeous space:   A grove of trees with chandeliers intermingled . Swoon.

A crazy gorgeous space:  A grove of trees with chandeliers intermingled. Swoon.

1. A beautiful space. It can be beautiful by nature alone, or a blank space beautified by a lovely tablescape and some mood lighting (hello candles or string lights!)... most times I'm a big advocate for entertaining in the home. All you need in that case is a smart dose of spring cleaning and your own keen sense of interior design! Instant party venue!

Making miniatures is a surefire way to dress up basics, like  beer & burgers ! Where can I get my hands on little mugs like those?!

Making miniatures is a surefire way to dress up basics, like beer & burgers! Where can I get my hands on little mugs like those?!

2. Something to snack on and sip. This is one of those golden areas of Southern hospitality: No one need ever go hungry or thirsty on your watch! You certainly don't have to produce a full meal (unless it's a classic dinner party... more on those later!), but a little something salty and sweet never hurt anyone. And as far as libations are concerned, you can go big (a modified open bar, composed of whatever you've got in stock) or go "homey":  a pitcher of sweet tea or lemonade or peppermint punch will do the trick just as well! Always have some bottled or filtered water on hand and when in doubt, make a pot of coffee!!!!!

 Swanky lounge space  with axis furniture, perfect for fatigued guests:)

Swanky lounge space with axis furniture, perfect for fatigued guests:)

3. Adequate seating. Nothing will drive a person to leave early quite like tired legs. Cocktail tables are perfectly acceptable (and aesthetically pleasing) for setting down drinks and chatting with friends, but have SOME seating available for most guests, especially if you anticipate the party going on for an extended period of time. (This is quadruply important when inviting elderly or pregnant guests!) Lounge area, anyone?


4. Background music. A warm, inviting soundtrack puts guests at ease and leaves no early arrivers feeling obligated to break up the awkward silence. Keep the volume low enough to still carry on a conversation without shouting, but not so low as to have people questioning, "Am I hearing things or is Mumford & Sons trapped inside your coat closet?"

5. MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL:  The perfect conglomeration of party guests. Make sure to fit your invite list to the occasion (Intimate dinner party? Invite a few great conversationalists who mesh well with others! You'll be spending quite long hours in a confined space with them! Casual barbecue on the bay? Request the company of a rousing group of friends, many whom could play volleyball into the wee hours of the evening!). You can usually invite a few more guests than would fit perfectly in the space because odds are some RSVPs will come back as regrets, but if you're notorious for throwing fabulous parties (and people ditch their previous plans to attend your shindigs), might as well stick to the fire marshal regs.

Cheers to a  rousing group of partygoers ! (Taken from KDE Styled shoot with Morgan Trinker.)

Cheers to a rousing group of partygoers! (Taken from KDE Styled shoot with Morgan Trinker.)


Other little things for bonus points:

A cake! (What brings more festivity than cake, besides cake AND champagne? Those two things are one of the most classic combinations in history. Throw away the rest of the rules if you have these two, because they're all you need for a good party!)

These  striped table runners  totally upgrade the look of pretty patio tables!

These striped table runners totally upgrade the look of pretty patio tables!

Beautiful linens. Linens give such a personalized, detailed little touch. They can really dress up a table, disguise an unsightly hunk of furniture, and make any old party seem luxe and formal! (A white furry throw can act as a delightful luxurious linen at a winter wonderland party!)

Some  legit crystal coupes  are SO much more festive than plastic disposables! (Plus, they're eco-friendlier. Win-win!)

Some legit crystal coupes are SO much more festive than plastic disposables! (Plus, they're eco-friendlier. Win-win!)

Real china or crystal! Everyone knows you mean business when you whip out the fine china. And how much more glamorous do you feel holding a crystal champagne flute than a plastic 8-oz cup? Exactly.

My favorite party theme right now? It's all  Gatsby . Chandeliers, champagne, art deco, flapper hair... give me all of it!

My favorite party theme right now? It's all Gatsby. Chandeliers, champagne, art deco, flapper hair... give me all of it!

A THEME! I will always have an ineffable fondness for themed parties... There is just something so whimsical and fun about decorating with a particular big-picture-concept in mind, dressing up in something out of the ordinary, and having something interwoven in every little facet of the party. It's like revealing a secret! Divine.


There you have my no-nonsense rules for entertaining! It's really all just complete common sense, but I also think of it as a perfect science. My very favorite science of all!


behind the scenes:: KDE styled shoot

As you may have seen last week, Alyssa Joy Photography and I had a marvelous time, styling up a gorgeous farm just south of Nashville. I got to actualize one of my childhood wedding dreams (swoon!) and style a pink-and-red garden rose fantasy in a grove of cedars.

We envisioned a romantic elopement in the woods, complete with a table for two, scrumptious buttercream-frosted wedding cake, and a celebration not devoid of any traditional wedding "ritual." Who says elopers don't get to share a first dance or cut their cake?!

Beautiful model-friend of mine, Paige, starred as the bride. She wore a Monique Lhuillier gown (borrowed by the fabulous The Bride Room) and a little fuchsia capelet I made the weekend prior. Her groom, Thomas, rocked a burgundy bowtie and a traditional black tuxedo.

All behind-the-scenes photos by Southern Girl Photography. (Thanks, Shayna!)

Kelly Dellinger behind the scenes photo shoot

Alyssa Joy Photography behind the scenes
KDE photo shoot
Kelly Dellinger behind-the-scenes

behind the scenes kelly dellinger dulce desserts

romantic bloomsbury farm elopement shoot

This pink-and-red winter elopement shoot was loosely inspired by a childhood novel retelling the story of Beauty & the Beast.  Instead of the traditional concept of a courthouse elopement, we strove to evoke a romantic outdoor setting for a wedding for two -- complete with marriage vows spoken over a glorious overlook, a first dance as husband and wife beneath strung lights in a grove of cedars, as well as a dinner of cake and champagne. A Belle-inspired fuchsia bridal capelet also provides a pop of color against the natural woods and a beautiful alternative to the winter wedding fur stole or shawl. Bloomsbury Farm, located just South of Nashville, Tennessee, provided the perfect locale for an intimately sweet affair.

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expert planning advice on the Nashville Wedding Planners Group blog

Do you have a question about wed-iquette? Have a wedding planning woe that's got you stumped? The Nashville Wedding Planners Group offers weekly advice from its Expert Planner Panel. Utilize this valuable resource by following along with the NWPG blog and submitting your wedding planning quandaries to info@nashvilleweddingplannersgroup.com!

musings on my ideal day

I've struggled a bit with thinking up and living my ideal day. It's hard for me to put to words exactly how I'd like to spend my days, and things rarely ever seem to go exactly how I'd want them to. Especially with my event planner schedule (SPORADIC!), two days are never identical. I could be writing blog posts for the week ahead, running errands for styled shoots, emailing vendors about events, tweaking elements of my website, planning for the future, going through business finances or legal documents, executing events, or meeting with potential clients. Even my workday can vary -- my set office hours are Monday - Thursday 9AM - 4PM (weekends reserved for event dates or precious family time), but rarely do I completely adhere to these.

Some days I would say things were as ideal as I could have them -- productive work hours, getting important things done, running vital errands, having difficult but necessary conversations. There are certain elements that definitely characterize a day as "ideal" (exercising -- particularly through hot yoga, eating healthy meals, taking walks, staying on task and focused, not sleeping in, etc). But defining a specific blueprint is HARD for me.

Sparkly things, pretty fabrics, gorgeous colors and textures, fresh flowers, emotional moments, animals, glamour, windows open, and candlelight are a few things that bring me joy. I can always wear a sparkly necklace, work on a lovely project that requires some sewing and construction, keep fresh flowers in the house, admire my pets, open windows, dress up and light candles... those are easy ways to make my life more "fired up" in the moment. 

Other things I might incorporate in my "ideal" day (while I'm trying to define exactly what it is)....

  • exercise, feeling ALIVE {hot yoga, dance class, going for walks, yoga with Drew, running, etc}
  • keeping a tidy home {cleaning up after my messes, staying more attuned to how things ACTUALLY are -- since I tend to live in my head and miss what's actually in front of me!}
  • maintaining a beautiful workspace {organizing things to functional usage, keeping inspirational photos or books or whatever at hand, taking care to surround myself with pretty things & collateral}
  • dressing up & looking presentable even when I'm home alone {swiping on some mascara and blush can do wonders for my motivation, and donning a pretty, professional-looking outfit not only looks good for video blogging, but makes me more productive!}
  • eating healthy, life-giving foods {natural, fresh, delicious foods give me more energy than sloppy, carb-rich junk}
  • reading books about faith {relationship, self-improvement, or just general informative spiritual books always lighten my load and remind me how to live!}
  • praying!!!!!!!!! {God is so good and faithful -- but we have to ask for the desires of our hearts and stay in tune with His vision!}
  • going outside for fresh air {does so much for the spirit!}
  • cuddling my cats {little pick-me-ups}
  • giving my husband my undivided attention when he's home {does so much for our relationship!}
  • making time for home-tending {ultimately, my first priority is to be a good and Godly wife, as well as the manager and "tender" of our household. I'm not as satisfied or happy when our house looks like a disaster and there's a mile-long to do list hovering over Drew & me. ...Not to mention he's not happy either.}
  • preparing for success {so much of action is in the groundwork laid before you take the action. I'm more likely to go work out if my clothes are laid out, my water bottle is filled, and my yoga mat or tennis shoes are by the door. Drew's more likely to get to work on time if we've ironed his shirt the night before, set out food for lunch, and gotten his things together in advance. I do better in client consultations when I've got everything I could possibly need with me, at the ready.}
  • making time to dream, to visualize, to think up amazing things {I LOVE working on creative projects, exercising my skill sets and honing new ones, and dreaming -- it fuels my creativity like none other, gives me something to work towards, challenges me to bring things to life, and makes my work better!}
  • cooking & learning new domestic skills {this goes hand-in-hand with home-tending, but creativity is ALSO fueled when I'm learning new things, exercising my imagination in new realms, and both Drew and I get to benefit from the end result in these endeavors! Be it learning how to sew Euro shams (something I've needed to tackle for months!), hang shelves, or roast a whole chicken (which I mastered for the second time last night -- woot woot!)... these things also challenge me and make me a better person all-around!}

I feel like that's a pretty good groundwork. It may not be a set schedule, detailed down to the very minute... but it does give me some ways to measure how my days are on the ideal-o-meter!!! What things do you want to incorporate into your life to make it ideal? Post in the comments below! :)