You may have noticed my website got a wee bit of tweaking earlier this week -- anybody notice my new pretty watercolory-goodness background and rotating cover photos?!?!?! (Or is it just me...?) I am T-H-R-I-L-L-E-D with the end result, particularly after months and months of ruminating over the changes I wanted to make. I finally made it happen after a little push from a life coaching session last week! The coach I was speaking to didn't tell me what to do or define what would make me more satisfied -- she simply made ME define it myself and state that I would accomplish my goal within a reasonable but close "due date."  

the new look, up close and personal! MUCH thanks to dani boudreau for the pretty print!

the new look, up close and personal! MUCH thanks to dani boudreau for the pretty print!

One thing I've learned about myself over the years has been that when I have a specific (measurable) goal to accomplish and a realistic but challenging deadline, I will do everything in my power to get it done.  

Here are some fun upcoming transitions in KDE's immediate future: 

  • The addition of a fabulous new staff member! KDE hired its first official wedding season intern who will be joining the team next month! I'm so excited to introduce her:)
  • A trip to Charleston and Savannah next month! My husband and I will be visiting my dream wedding cities, scoping out the area, and thinking strategically about the years to come.
  • Fantastic fall 2013 weddings! From August to October (and maybe even December), we've got a delightfully full calendar brimming with fun events. So excited to work with my fall couples and post pictures of their stunning nuptials!

Is anyone else having a hard time reconciling their desperation for summer not to end, but excitement for fall to start? I certainly don't want to see winter anytime soon and fall is unfortunately the transition between the two. However, nice cool weather, long walks at the park in the evenings, fabulous fall weddings, SEC football, pumpkin spice lattes and the promise of leggings and breaking back out my Frye boots gets me awful giddy. What are you excited about for the fall? Anybody got a favorite source for thick (non-see-through) leggings?! Send 'em my way:)