this week's progress {ideal life}

A bad habit of mine is to write about self-improvement plans I hope to implement... and then forget about them. WHOOPS! I have so many good intentions but oftentimes lack the memory-space or FOCUS (there's that word again!) to really ACT on my goals/plans.

So here's a gauge of progress... lists of the things I've aimed to do, and how I did this week!

fresh produce = life-giving foods!

fresh produce = life-giving foods!

  • Exercise:  Major progress!!! I went to hot yoga classes Monday - Thursday. I decided this morning to take a day off and go tomorrow morning (since I usually take off weekends) instead. Major highlight of the week was finding out I'd won three months of unlimited yoga at my favorite studio near our home, Fahrenheit Yoga! WOO HOO! There was some definite screaming with glee and happy dancing when I found that out:)
  • Tidy Home:  I did manage to purchase some necessary large plastic tubs, lined baskets, and a few household things to help us keep a happy and organized home. I'm spending the rest of the afternoon today vacuuming, tidying, and working on "the system" so maintenance takes far less time than doing everything all over again (which is what we've been doing the past six months... yikes!).
  • Beautiful Workspace:  This project has kind of been on the backburner lately, since we really need to install some shelves above my desk before I can get everything settled. Hoping to have some drilling days ahead of us this weekend!
  • Looking Presentable:  Unfortunately, with all the hot yoga I've been doing, this has NOT been a priority for me this week. One day I will master the ultimate balance of working out and working hard while looking attractive. Fortunately, most everything I had to do this week was phone-related!!!! ;)
  • Eating Healthy:  I had over my fair share of green smoothies this week. I went to the grocery at the end of last week and stocked up on fresh produce and nuts. Fortunately nothing's gone to waste, but I've sadly been supplementing my healthy diet with a couple of trips to Sonic and a hefty dose of Blue Bell ice cream...
  • Faith Building:  This has been great!!! I've been listening to sermons with Drew every night, our small group met up for the first time of the year last night, and I started a SheReadsTruth bible-reading plan on Tuesday! Score for prioritizing the spirit!
  • Going Outside:  Whomp whomp whomp... this has been limited to walking to my car or mailbox. Such a shame, considering the beautiful weather!
  • Undivided Husband Attention:  Needs improvement. I need to wean myself from my iPhone. I'm earnestly trying to do a Social Media-free weekend starting tonight, so crossing my fingers for success!
  • Preparing for Success:  This was pretty good! I started getting things ready in advance for future potential client meetings, my business cards came in, and slowly but surely I'm making plans to get things rolling smoothly:)
  • Making Time to Dream:  I haven't really prioritized this, this week, but I'm thinking my Social Media-free weekend should help with this:)
  • Cooking/Learning Domesticity:  Something's gotta give. This week, it was cooking!

How are your ideal days going?! Anyone else participating in a social media-free weekend like me? Comment below! :)