march:: the wedding planning marathon month


I'm officially back from my much-needed and glorious vacation and ready to tackle some intense wedding planning marathon sessions with my fab 2014 brides! Many of my brides work in school systems around the country (everywhere from Nashville to every corner of Tennessee, all the way to NYC!) and subsequently have to cram-pack their spring wedding planning time into their spring breaks. I love working in intense power-sessions for these clients; it's so rewarding to check off numerous categories off the planning list and give them peace of mind at rapid speed.

On board (thus far!) for March 15 - 31:  Three catering tastings. Two cake tastings. One floral appointment. Two wedding site visits. Three rental appointments. One invitation appointment. Beaucoups of planning power sessions in my office. At least one new client initial intake. Planning and executing one fabulous baby shower (for a past client!). Assisting with/attending a bridal shower for a client/family member-to-be! Whew! Lots to cram pack in these final two weeks of the month!

2014-03-08 15.34.21.jpg

Check back tomorrow to see a full recap of my vacation to Charleston & Savannah!

Until then....
xoxo, KD