oh, hey there june! {also known as life updates | may 2014}

Haiii there June!

June is a month of potential. Of clarity. Of continued progress. It's awesome.

I won't tell you how busy May was because you can figure that on your own. 

However, I will say this happened:

And this.

And a lot of this!

As well as a few of days of this:


And some peeking around at this.

And a whooooole lotta eating this.

And it was glor-i-ous! Wedding chaos, a spontaneous trip to the beach (and serpentarium and strawberry field and five islands and my sister's house), beaucoups of shrimp & grits / lowcountry boil / pico de gallo & guacamole, and overall Southern splendor. Dreamy May. 

Now it's June!

I'm attempting to start blogging more frequently. I tragically have a zillion weddings I haven't blogged. I always said I wouldn't be "those planners" who waited a year plus to blog the weddings they just got finished executing, but here I am, eating my words.

I'll get caught up, promise!!


June Goals:

1 | Catch up on blogging KDE weddings from 2013 & 2014.

2 | Meet my best friend's baby! (He still hasn't actually come yet, but he'll be coming at LEAST by tomorrow!)

3 | Make some more progress on summer/fall weddings. More marathon planning sessions, summer-style?

4 | Work out some details for a fun shoot coming up this summer! Woo hoo!

Vision for June: Calm. Peace. A little hustle but not too much bustle. Some yoga, some learning. A really lovely wedding. Some step-ups for next year planning. A new client or two? Finally finishing up some office things and perhaps a little shoot to celebrate? Keeping our home clean. Finding some clarity in life plans and God's plan for us. Following grace. Staying in the present moment rather than only living for tomorrow. Give me a couple of outdoor dinners under the string lights and a few waterfront afternoons and I'm an exceptionally happy girl.