october and part of why november is my favorite

In the words of Charlie Brown - good grief! Fall has been a doozy in these parts, hence the somewhat radio silence for the past several weeks/months. 

Alex & Sarah's wedding, September 2014

Alex & Sarah's wedding, September 2014

Fall means 6 fabulous weddings. We started with a beautiful church wedding in town, then made our way to gorgeously mountainous Chattanooga, then did back-to-back Cheekwood affairs (both with a little sprinkling of good luck rain showers), survived a ridiculously pretty Sunday plantation wedding, and have yet to finish the final event of the season in Belle Meade and Houston Station. We have enjoyed beautiful fall foliage, some stunning chapel settings, and lots of happy tears and beaucoups of love throughout every occasion. My right-hand lady this fall has been our KDE intern, Chelsey! She has been here for every wedding this season (including the overnight stay in East Tennessee) and has proved to be absolutely indispensable. Our associate planner, Katie, has also been a pivotal part of our team -- starting with her very first independent KDE wedding on Labor Day weekend! We're excited to unroll a few new things to help you get to know the KDE team a little better and preview what's to come for 2015 weddings!!! November's already filling up fast with visits from out-of-town clients and planning meetings for the 2015 season - hooray!

Lauren & Rob's wedding | Father-Daughter Dance, October 2014

Lauren & Rob's wedding | Father-Daughter Dance, October 2014

Personally, my husband & I just moved into a HOUSE (!!!), are planning one more trip to the lowcountry as per our annual Thanksgiving tradition, and have been enjoying family visits as they have arisen throughout the fall. I tell you what -- I am looking so forward to walks along the live oaks and Spanish moss-hanging trees spotting alligators, cornhole championship games, ridiculous amounts of food (turkey and stuffing and sweet potato pie, oh my!), and a week Drew doesn't have to worry about studying for the CPA exam! (Maybe I'll even get a chance to sneak a peek at the beach while we're in Savannah!) For whatever reason, my brain has automatically skipped through Halloween and switched onto excitement for Thanksgiving and Christmas since September, so I'm trying not to fight it too much but to stay in the present moment at the same time. (Pumpkin spice lattes and costumes just aren't as exciting for me. Although I do enjoy them and look forward to passing out candy on Halloween... Oh, fall and your intricacies!)

our new digs! yes, it is in nashville. yes, we are both happy and sad it's not charleston. yes, our next one will most likely be in SC, though!

our new digs! yes, it is in nashville. yes, we are both happy and sad it's not charleston. yes, our next one will most likely be in SC, though!

Maybe it's just that November's my favorite month. Or maybe that October is a little overrated socially (I love Anne of Green Gables just as much as the next girl, but I refuse to share that Octoberphile quote). Maybe September and October just fly by too fast. (HOW IS IT ALREADY THREE WEEKS THROUGH THIS MONTH?) Maybe there's a sense of accomplishment when all of the 2014 weddings have been completed and everyone is happily married and honeymooning in bliss. Whatever it is, I'm jumping up and down in my heart thinking about November and maybe you're doing the same. :)

Lauryn & Derek, October 2014. Bridal Portraits by the fabulous  Morgan Trinker . If I can have just an ounce of Lauryn's style, I will be set for life! Can't handle her fierceness!!

Lauryn & Derek, October 2014. Bridal Portraits by the fabulous Morgan Trinker. If I can have just an ounce of Lauryn's style, I will be set for life! Can't handle her fierceness!!

Also - my sister re-introduced me to salted caramel mochas at Starbucks and they really kick PSLs in the rear. If you're starting to get sick of the saccharinely sweet PSL... do yourself a favor and get a salted mocha. Just the thought of it makes me want to don my red lipstick and celebrate our proposaversary!!!!!!!!!!

Sending you all love and peace, since that's what I need to cultivate in my own life right now!

inspiration:: november nuptials

I've always loved November. It's an anticipatory month. Has my favorite holiday in it. It's still autumny but not terribly cold. We got engaged in November. I found my wedding dress in November.

It may come as no surprise, then, that if I were able to marry (my same husband) again, I would highly consider saying "I do" in that gorgeous month. I've written posts here about what I'd do differently if we got married again (as well as what I'd definitely keep the same -- some things just don't change!). As a wed-obsessed planner and creative dreamer, I'm always taking mental notes about what I'd consider the perfect, ultimate wedding. (Specifically mine.) My tastes evolve over time and my knowledge and experience levels attune me to new things every week/event/year. I mentioned to my photografriend Amy last week that I would definitely change a few things if we got to say our "I do's" again now. Here's what it might look like...

blush chapel-length  veil , monique lhuillier  candy , feathered  mules , hominy ever after grits  favor , gatsby-inspired orchid  bouquet , my pear-shaped engagement  ring , robert redford-inspired groom  attire , swags of greenery  garlands , deep red and pink garden rose bridesmaid  bouquets , simple faux-diamond drop  earrings  for me, stunning topaz and ivory bridesmaid  gown , walnut  chiavaris  with trellises and chandeliers, muddled raspberry  libations .

blush chapel-length veil, monique lhuillier candy, feathered mules, hominy ever after grits favor, gatsby-inspired orchid bouquet, my pear-shaped engagement ring, robert redford-inspired groom attire, swags of greenery garlands, deep red and pink garden rose bridesmaid bouquets, simple faux-diamond drop earrings for me, stunning topaz and ivory bridesmaid gown, walnut chiavaris with trellises and chandeliers, muddled raspberry libations.

That dress always haunts me. GAH, I love it! If I EVER win the lottery, I am going to buy it. Hands down. Seriously the most perfect dress ever created. It inspired so much of my real-life wedding design, as well as my current dreams. I would totally wear it, a blush veil (just like the ivory one I have), some diamond drop earrings, a pair of slip-on feathered mules, carry an orchid bouquet, rock my pear-shaped wedding bling, and go to town.


Gatsby would affect a lot of my decision-making, too. I know it's "trendy" right now, but I couldn't care less. I wore a beaded flapper gown to my junior high school prom, so it is obviously something I've loved forever and have zero apologies for. The orchid bouquet was inspired by the Gatsby-meets-Daisy-again scene from the recent movie. Drew would wear some classic white tie tuxedo (a la Robert Redford) and his groomsmen would rock Leo's black tie attire. My bridesmaids would definitely wear floor-length gowns (I've always loved two-tone, and these ivory lace and topaz matte satin dresses are JUST the ticket!) and carry deep red and pink bouquets with velvet and pleated ribbons.

We'd still, perhaps, have the wedding set in a barn-like atmosphere (Green Door Gourmet, of course) -- but this time closer to town and more convenient for guests. (Not to mention legitimately air-conditioned and heated.) Mint Springs Farm would be a great location, come to think of it, too! Walnut chiavaris would at the very least be featured in our head table (which would seat our attendants and their spouses or guests).

We would serve a full meal (something lowcountry-inspired, to pay homage to our dream city of Charleston) and ample libations (of course something would have to have muddled raspberries to fit the color scheme!). Guests would be treated to die-cut bags of grits as their "hominy ever after" surcee.

I'll keep dreaming and will elaborate in between the lines here soon.