monograms and prints and trays, oh my!!!

If there is any Southern in your blood, you inevitably have an insatiable desire to monogram None other than (Tennessee native) Southern belle Reese Witherspoon has said it better:  "My rule is, if it's not moving... monogram it."

It's no wonder that weddings are the perfect occasion to shower brides with all things monogrammed:  they're (probably) obtaining a whole new set of initials! There is something undeniably exciting about unwrapping a shower gift and seeing that new last name letter engraved or embroidered... it gives a sense of permanence ("OhmyLawd, y'all, we're REALLY getting married!") and unity. Some say it's bad luck to monogram anything you use BEFORE the wedding (including ceremony programs -- I'm looking at you, Martha Stewart), but I'm more for practicality than superstition:  God willing and the creek don't rise, you're going to have those new initials for the rest of your life! (What's an extra month or two to exercise them?)

One of my favorite friendors (friend-vendor) from Making Things Happen last year, Mandy Volpe, just released a new line of gorgeous monogrammed Lucite trays that would be the PERFECT shower or hostess gift!  [DISCOUNT CODE BELOW!] As a self-professed entertaining addict, these are Southern belle-approved and absolutely fabulous. They are ideal for bringing new husbands breakfast-in-bed, storing pretty trinkets on your vanity or dresser, providing a lovely backdrop to place that unsightly remote control, keep your notebook and favorite pen on your drab-looking desk, or even to mount on your wall to show off those pretty initials!!! (I have a friend who's done this and it's gorgeous! Instant Southern wall art!)

Mandy's trays are in a myriad of beautiful patterns and colors. Shower your BFF with a tray in her wedding colors, or win the best-bride-ever award by gifting your bridesmaids with something they'll actually USE:  a lovely monogrammed tray in their favorite hues!

BONUS: She even has a DARLING "Happy Birthday" tray. For those of you with children (or just an ageless sense of wonder!), this would be perfect to present with a birthday biscuit (complete with a lit candle and singalong!).

DISCOUNT CODE:  Use the code "openingday" to get 20% off anything at her Etsy shop!

Congratulations for launching this new branch of business, Mandy!!!