behind the scenes:: KDE styled shoot

As you may have seen last week, Alyssa Joy Photography and I had a marvelous time, styling up a gorgeous farm just south of Nashville. I got to actualize one of my childhood wedding dreams (swoon!) and style a pink-and-red garden rose fantasy in a grove of cedars.

We envisioned a romantic elopement in the woods, complete with a table for two, scrumptious buttercream-frosted wedding cake, and a celebration not devoid of any traditional wedding "ritual." Who says elopers don't get to share a first dance or cut their cake?!

Beautiful model-friend of mine, Paige, starred as the bride. She wore a Monique Lhuillier gown (borrowed by the fabulous The Bride Room) and a little fuchsia capelet I made the weekend prior. Her groom, Thomas, rocked a burgundy bowtie and a traditional black tuxedo.

All behind-the-scenes photos by Southern Girl Photography. (Thanks, Shayna!)

Kelly Dellinger behind the scenes photo shoot

Alyssa Joy Photography behind the scenes
KDE photo shoot
Kelly Dellinger behind-the-scenes

behind the scenes kelly dellinger dulce desserts

a few reasons i love weddings | part one

To get to know me a little better, I'm sharing a multi-part series on how on earth I stumbled upon this marvelous career and found my calling. Stay tuned every day this week for the remaining installments!

I love weddings. I always have. Besides that one time I ran into a glass door (curse you, Windex!) and smacked myself silly at a cousin's reception (I was 10) -- almost all my experiences with weddings growing up were been beautiful, lovely, and absolutely dreamy. 

The first time I REALLY thought about wedding plans was at a band banquet my freshman year of high school. One of my best friends, redheaded Katie, wore this pretty salmon-pink and black cocktail dress. It had a high-low hemline, wrapped delicately at the bodice (with a little black rose where the waist met the skirt), and the color was really dimensional (black illusion over the lycra-blend pink). I just LOVED that dress (I even made her wear it to apply to be in the running for Miss Tennessee Teen USA!) -- and thus my wedding-mindedness began to take hold. I imagined that it would look absolutely lovely as a bridesmaid's dress. Four girls, clad in salmon (ha!), standing by my side... I could just see it! Black tuxedos, coral bouquets... My scope of all the things that went into weddings was limited to what I knew about Prom, but still the formality, the dancing, the dressing-up, the elaborate party-throwing was divine!

The next year color scheme I dreamed up was aubergine and champagne. One of my older sister's friends had worn this amazing vintage dress to prom that was the most AMAZING shade of richer-than-eggplant. When I complimented her there and demanded to know what the color exactly WAS, she informed me that it was aubergine (she was very well-read). Aubergine, I thought... what a delightful wedding color! I still maintain that an amazing aubergine and duck blue (is that a real color? it is in my head!), with maybe a touch of taupey-grey, would be a breathtaking winter color scheme. But back then, I was all about that pretty purple and "champagne" (which was really more like a fancy way of saying gold -- I'd never even SEEN a glass of champagne then!) -- so regal, rich, a little vintage... totally dreamy.

And then as a college freshman, I stumbled upon some blog post recapping a Nashville bridal show that had been held in the Hermitage Hotel. I didn't know a thing about bridal shows, venues in Nashville, what on earth a "vendor" was (besides a street vendor selling hotdogs or pretzels), or even really anything about wedding gown designers... but the second I flipped to a gallery picture depicting a one-shouldered Vera Wang gown, I was gung-ho wed-obsessed. The mermaid skirt, gold leaf detailing on the shoulder, all of it just completely enamored me! I decided that my favorite colors of buttercream yellow and dark chocolate brown would be a perfect palette for some J Crew bridesmaid frocks and started making ridiculous Microsoft Paint inspiration boards filled with my wedding dreams:  beaucoups of chandeliers, elaborate draping, vintage details (like antique clip-on earring place cards), and marabou-trimmed mules.

That led to a massively large "Favorites" folder of bookmarked weddings I'd found and wanted to remember things from -- the only issue was, pretty much all of the links were (self-)entitled "CRAZY GORGEOUS WEDDING" or "OH MY GOSH REMEMBER THIS!" or "PRETTY PRETTINESS!". Annoying when you're trying to reference something later on, isn't it? (IMAGINE my delight when Kelly Cummings introduced me to Pinterest years later!)

...stay tuned tomorrow for installment #2!