life updates | march 2014

March came and went. What a lovely month it has been! Fun-packed weekends, a trip to my favorite cities, a good deal of husband time, celebrating my best friend's baby-to-be, power sessions with clients, talking over RIDICULOUSLY gorgeous wedding design schemes in the '14-15 season... March has been good. The least anxious month of the year. I have eaten beaucoups of seafood and sweets and party fare (whoops), but SPRING IS HERE and despite the gray skies and snow that fell earlier this week, I know the warm weather will be here to stay shortly.

Hello, sunny days and boating excursions and al fresco parties to come!

I've got a hot chocolate in my hand and a pile of tax forms to my right. While I will not actually be filing my own stuff (thanks, Valerie!), it's still quite the effort to prep everything.

Gorgeous cake by  Crumb de la Crumb  at their delicious Open House last night!

Gorgeous cake by Crumb de la Crumb at their delicious Open House last night!

Here's the standard:

self care  |  I've successfully been drinking less coffee. However, I still need to cut back. I need more water, more yoga, and more vegetables, but besides that, I'm good on sleep and taking adequate breaks.

home environment  |  Work in progress. Working currently on streamlining even more to have less clutter and more room to move eventually:)

relationship  |   Drew is my favorite.

friends & fam  |   It's been so nice to see friends several times (yay spring break for teacher-friends!) and spend a lot of time with family. Good progress here.

career  |  I LOVE MY JOB AND I LOVE MY COUPLES! April wedding, here we come!

fun & rec  |  I got my fill of fun this month, for sure! My cup runneth over:)

cause or purpose  |   Working on financial peace-building to tithe more. I want to be a better steward of His resources!

Newest updates to the KDE HQ!

Newest updates to the KDE HQ!

April is going to be a big month, as it starts the spring/summer season for KDE weddings, wraps up our time with our much-adored intern Rachel, and kickstarts the "meat" of event production. Lots to look forward to, to see and do and get accomplished and plan for!

We're interviewing candidates for our summer internship in the next couple of weeks! While the application is officially closed, we're still open to receiving inquiries for particularly awesome applicants (I'm looking for really good answers to the "What sets you apart?" question!). You can send your resume to! But time is limited!

Goals for April:

1. Select perfect summer intern
2. Finish taxes. Pray for a return!
3. Wrap up Rachel's internship with a big, pretty bow and awesome experience
4. Get Lauren & David married successfully without a hitch!!
5. Reincorporate yoga into daily life (2x/week minimum!)
6. Eat less cookies & cake (exceptions will be made for client tastings, obvs)
7. Get a pretty pot and mini table for my office palm tree (!!!)
8. Plan next trip to Charleston - continue planning expansion (!!!)
9. Finalize business plan to make everything SOLID
10. Finalize plans for May weddings
11. Plan staff photo shoot! (Any photogs up for grabs here?)
12. Consider planning a fun party to showcase the KDE HQ! Mini Open House, anyone?