featured:: Vera Wang Unveiled:: brittany & jeff's real wedding

Words cannot express how excited I was this afternoon to see last year's full planning clients Brittany & Jeff's wedding featured on the Vera Wang Vera Unveiled Blog! Brittany and Jeff's wedding was one very dear to me -- not only were they some of the most WONDERFUL full planning clients I've had the joy to work with, they're also dear friends of mine from college years! Brittany is one of my sorority sisters (and one of the major reasons why I decided to go Greek:). While she has the looks and figure to make any dress shine, she looked absolutely dream-like in her perfect wedding gown --  Vera Wang's stunning "Velvet Roses."

Working with Brittany for over a year, it was evident from Day One that she didn't care much for the traditional "bride" experience. She wanted a FABULOUS party, chock full of a lot of people having a really good time. But as far as intricate centerpieces and trying on a thousand veils go, she had more important things to think about.

I think that's why the Vera Wang gown she decided upon was so perfect for her -- it was classic and stunning but not overly fussy or "bridal." It was figure-flattering on her tiny frame and had BEAUTIFUL little details (like the rosettes and tulle bow in the back) that left guests Ooohing and Ahhhing from every angle.

YAY for matches made in wedding-gown heaven!

Much thanks to Elizabeth Glessner for all the gorgeous documentation of the day!