Are you interested in pursuing a career making beautiful things happen while investing in one of the most important events in a person's life?  Wedding planning is a wonderful, fulfilling vocation. It's also a LOT of hard work, long hours with few breaks, and a great deal more menial office tasks than just pretty parties and photo shoots. Event production is not learned in a classroom -- it is an experiential-based job that requires a unique and varied set of abilities, strong communication and interpersonal skills, a problem-solving mindset, and a professional demeanor. Think you have what it takes to join the KDE team? Stay tuned to this page for future career opportunities!

Kelly Dellinger Events is not currently looking to fill any full-time or contract event planning positions at this time.
Check back for job listings in the near future!

Are you passionate about health and wellness and interested in lessening the toxic load in your household? Many people do not realize the cosmetics industry is disturbingly unregulated -- a federal law has not passed since 1938 regulating the ingredients placed in cosmetics, skincare, and basic personal care products. Even if you're incredibly cognizant about what goes IN your body, are you aware of the toxic ingredients you may be slathering all over your body on a daily basis? We are committed to spreading awareness about the ingredients in products we use daily and providing a safer alternative -- Beautycounter. This is more than a cosmetics company; it's a movement.

We are constantly looking to add more voices to this effort in environmental health activism. You can make a sustainable supplementary or full-time income educating others in how to make safer choices without sacrificing performance. 
Email me at kelly@kellydellingerevents.com for more information in how you can play a part in this important mission!