real wedding reviews of Kelly Dellinger Events

Kelly, thank you so much for all your help in making the wedding a success! There’s no way we could’ve done it without you! We appreciate everything you did. Thanks!
— Lauren & Parks Pennington, Bride & Groom {April 2019}
Kelly, we simply cannot express to you how thankful we are! You made our wedding a dream and we truly got to enjoy every minute of our day. You are the very best.
— Chelle & Nick Stoneburg, Bride & Groom {November 2018}
What an amazing job you did!!! If there were glitches, I didn’t see them, or the few minor ones were out of your control. Really, I couldn’t have been happier with Kaye’s wedding ceremony and reception. And, I know that everything exceeded Kaye’s very high expectations. I know I would definitely recommend you to other brides and mothers of brides.

I hope you have recovered from the weekend. Again, thank you so, so much for a fabulous and beautiful weekend.
— Lee Verville, Mother of the Bride {September 2018}
Today was so great, Kelly! Thank you for finding such amazing vendors and helping us figure out our vision!” (December 2017)

”We have now been back from our honeymoon for a few days and have been thinking throughout the trip about how perfect our wedding day was. We are so grateful to you for everything you did to make it such a special day that so reflected our tastes, personalities, and wildest wishes. I felt like every little detail was just as we had envisioned and discussed. I felt completely calm all weekend and totally confident in you and your team. And, we have gotten so many compliment from friends and family on the wedding — people really loved the paper goods (as did we!), the dance floor props, and the late night grilled cheese (among other things). Many people also said the food was a hit. Thank you for introducing us to all these vendors who did such a great job for us. Truly there are no words to express how grateful we are to you and how happy we are that we had the sense to hire you!

”We would both be very willing to serve as a reference for any future brides who are considering hiring you. We have been singing your praises to our family and friends!
— Kaye Verville, Bride {September 2018}
Feeling calm and cool as cucumbers thanks to allll your hard work!”

”Hi Kelly, thank you again for such a wonderful night — best of our lives!!
— Edward Gottfried, Groom {September 2018}
Shannon and I want to express our sincerest appreciation for all the beautiful work you put into Ellen and Joe’s wedding. It could not have been a more perfect artistic expression of our daughter and who she is as a beautiful, true, understated elegant young woman. It was a spectacular evening and something we will always remember. We will miss working with you!

I wanted to pass along some additional compliments. We continue to hear compliments about the wedding, yesterday at church was the most recent. People have said things like ‘never been to a wedding as beautiful,’ ‘truly an event,’ ‘understated elegance,’ ‘how did they have such great food for that many people?’, ‘the open tent, lighting, and use of drapes was gorgeous. Never seen one like it!”, ‘Who was the planner for this wedding and who ARE those vendors?” - I told them of course! - ‘the use of fig with flowers was gorgeous,’ ‘the sunset during dinner was so beautiful; would not have seen it if the tent had sides,’ ‘the cake was not only pretty but it tasted really good too.’

I could quote many more! But the compliments go to you. So again, thank you.
— Bill Wright, Father of the Bride {October 2017}
Kelly, I wanted to thank you so much for the perfect wedding that you worked so hard on for Carly and Griffin. Carly told me it was the wedding that she dreamed of all her life! You can’t beat that!
— Jyl Baskin, Mother of the Bride {June 2017}
Thank you SO MUCH for meeting with us today. I sincerely feel so much better. You are so wonderful. Thank you for everything you are doing for us. We appreciate you and your talent so much!
— Rachel Knight, Bride {November 2017}
Thank you so much for everything! Blake and I had so much fun.
— Victoria VanDyke Holbrook, Bride {June 2017}
I want to thank you for assisting us in our big event. It was wonderful in every way.
— Dr. Margaret Rush, Mother of the Bride {May 2017}
Thanks again for all your help and planning!! It was perfect!!
— Katie Rush Postupaka, Bride {May 2017}
Thanks to the absolutely incredible team who helped make it all happen! Special shout out to Kelly and her team at Kelly Dellinger Events for being so on it with the rain plan!
— Jen & Chris Creed, Photographers {May 2017}
Kelly, words cannot express our gratitude for all your work and organization! Couldn’t have made it through without you! Thanks again,
— DeAnn & Ray Pruett, Parents of the Bride {August 2016}

Thank you for all you did for Dory’s wedding. Wow – it’s over! I couldn’t sum it up better than Dory’s words to me this morning, ‘Perfect weekend, Mom.’ We had so much fun and you made it possible for me to be included in the ‘we.’ Even my husband (who is oblivious to most everything) said, ‘Everything ran so smoothly – Kelly did a great job!’ You were beyond great, you were outstanding!

Thank you, again,
— Rita Miller, Mother of the Bride {July 2016}
Kelly Dellinger is a class act and can completely rock the show! Glad everything turned out well!
— Juanita Lane, Owner of Dulce Desserts {August 2016}
Kelly Dellinger and her team were an absolute dream. Kelly has the easiest personality to work with. She quite effectively managed our wedding last month working with a demanding mother of the bride, very anxious detail-oriented bride, and the intricacies of an out of town couple. She has a very professional demeanor and is extremely kind. She doesn’t try to push you to use the same vendors that ‘everyone uses.’ She has a list of the vendors that are the easiest to work with that have fair pricing but is open to using whoever you want. She was excellent at knowing when I seemed stressed and jumping right in.

The wedding day itself went flawlessly. She brought her team to execute everything at both the church and Belle Meade Plantation. She effectively navigated the crazy family demands of divorced parents and always knew the right way to handle things. She is great at helping you know where to allocate your money. She does not nickel and dime you after the fact. Don’t let her young age fool you—- she is extremely experienced and knows exactly what she’s doing. She has amazing taste but also allows you to guide the direction of what look you are going for.

The ideal brides for Kelly:

Daughters with divorced parents— she is GREAT at working with both and remembering what to say and not say to each parent
Checklist-obsessed brides
Couples who aren’t sure how much to spend and how to allocate funds
Out of town brides
Destination weddings
Detail obsessed brides who may need help keeping everything organized

I feel like I have made a lifelong friend in Kelly. She is the sweetest person and absolutely has a backbone when needed with vendors. When one of our vendors under-delivered, she went to bat for us and ultimately got a refund for us after the fact. As a middle child who tends to butt heads with her mother, she prevented many potential blow-ups and was able to relate to both my mom who was concerned about having the ‘right’ stuff at the wedding and my now-husband and I, who were concerned about the wedding being an amazing celebration. Long story short, Kelly made our wedding happen. She kept the peace within the family. She doesn’t just recommend the most expensive vendors in town. She isn’t afraid of doing the nitty gritty dirty work. Her calm demeanor is infectious. I will never have a party of any kind without Kelly’s direction again. Thank you, Kelly, for making our wedding day so wonderful!
— Graham Hartong Rucker, Bride {April 2016}
Thank you for holding our hands during the planning stage . . . Kelly, we appreciate your professionalism and hard work. Thank you for all you have done to advocate for our family. . .Thank you for giving your all to make Graham & Brian’s wedding spectacular!!!
— Mary Overstreet, Mother of the Bride {April 2016}
Kelly – I don’t think Dustin and I will ever be able to express our gratitude fully for the incredible wedding you gave us! We are STILL hearing about how beautiful everything was, how well run the night was, etc. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect evening! Thanks again for all that you do!!!
— Melissa White Balser, Bride {May 2015}
I cannot even begin to tell you how grateful I am for you and everything that you did to help make our big day a huge huge success! I know there are so many things you did behind the scenes that I probably don’t even know about in the days leading up and the day of that made my mom and I enjoy everything with little to no stress and, for that, I am eternally grateful! Kevin and I had so much fun at the wedding and reception and the memories are priceless! We can’t wait to get the video and pictures! Thanks so much! For everything!
— Dr. Sarah Sharp Coll, Bride {October 2015}
Kelly, thank you so much for being so amazing last night!! It has been a pleasure working with you! I was able to relax and enjoy the night!! I was able to be in the moment, and I didn’t miss any of the wedding highlights. You seemed so calm the whole evening and that really helped me to stay calm and not get nervous. I could not have done it without you!! This has really been a special time for our family; thank you for being a part of it! Thanks for pulling it all together, you did a fabulous job!!!!
— Sandra Byrd Gibbs, Mother of the Bride {September 2015}
I wanted to say ‘Thank You’ for all of your help and hard work for Betsy’s wedding last weekend! Everything was lovely and seemed to run very smoothly.

It was great getting to work with you again and I hope for more opportunities to work together again in the near future.
— Carol Ziegler, Director of Sales at Beyond Details
Kelly, thanks so much for the fun and beautiful Powell wedding at Scarritt a couple of weeks back.

[It was] great working with you and your team - glad to work with you again. Hope you’re set for a great spring and a busy 2015!
— Russell Davis, Owner of Wedding Musicians Company {March 2015}
Kelly, there are not enough words to express our gratitude for all you did and for being our wedding planner. Thank you for making our special day the best day imaginable. You are so unbelievably talented and I admire you and what you do so much. Thank you for all of your reassurances and for calming me down during times of stress and helping me keep perspective — you were so right — all that mattered was I was marrying David, not all of the little details I obsessed about. I think about all of the things I worried about and laugh at myself because it all worked out! But I guess that’s just part of being a bride. :) I will say, I love feeling settled and being married, but I really miss our meetings. It truly was the BEST time. . . I wish we could relive the whole day and night all over again. . . Thank you again, Kelly, for all you did for us throughout our engagement until our wedding night (and you have the most amazing assistants as well)! You’re the best.
— Megan Dickson Eskind, Bride {September 2014}
Dear Kelly, just a note to say thank you for all of your wedding planning expertise. So many meetings with so many people, so many phone calls, so many emails — and the result — a very beautiful and joyous wedding ceremony and reception. Best of all, a very happy couple with hearts full of love and many treasured moments! Thank you so very much for sharing your talents to create such a beautiful wedding for Megan & David.
— Kathy Dickson Hedrick, Mother of the Bride {September 2014}
WONDERFUL EVENT last night! Everything was perfectly beautiful, Kelly; so many thanks for helping us to make the evening so memorable.
— Donna & Dr. Jeff Eskind, Parents of the Groom {September 2014}
Kelly, you have made this experience for us incredible. We truly could not have done it without you. I admire you and the business you have created. Even today that can be hard for strong and ambitious women such as yourself. You wear it well. Thank you for helping make Lauren’s dream come true.
— Dawn Mayo, Mother of the Bride {November 2014}
Thank you!! I seriously THANK GOD for you nightly!!!
— Lauren Galapon Bischoff, Bride {November 2014}
Let me just say that you were absolutely wonderful to work with and I appreciate all of your recommendations, advice, and help during the planning and execution process. My parents both said that they were just able to relax and enjoy everything during the process and during the day of the wedding thanks to you and your staff! I appreciate all your help and ownership during our special day!

So much change and still not missing a beat to help others 150% to plan and execute their dream day. So glad everything is going well!
— Lauryn Brooks Clark, Bride {October 2014}
Katie, thanks so much for overseeing my daughter’s reception last Saturday. You did a great job, and I was able to enjoy the day without worry! Money well spent! You are a gem.
— Allison Adams, Mother of the Bride {August 2014}
Kelly, thank you for all of your hard work helping us plan our wedding! We had an absolute blast and admire all of the beauty from the day. It was truly a dreamy day and we couldn’t have asked for anything else! It was absolutely perfect and we are so grateful for your expertise, planning & day of.
— Lauren & David Hamby, Bride & Groom {April 2014}
The weekend was a success in my estimation. . . Kelly, thanks again for helping Lauren and David have a truly extraordinary wedding day!
— Vince & Sharon Wilcox, Parents of the Bride {April 2014}
It was so great to work with you. [Working] with such a great couple and a great planner makes all the difference in the world. It was such an awesome wedding. Hopefully we get to work together again sometime soon.
— Joshua Gull, Photographer {April 2014}
Thank you! You have been a pleasure to work with – I don’t have to worry nearly as much when I know a bride has a great planner. . . Hope to see you more next summer!
— Helen Timberlake, Cheekwood Special Events Manager
I wanted to go ahead and informally tell you how absolutely thankful I was to have you planning and orchestrating and executing my wedding and everything surrounding it for the past 6 months. I couldn’t have asked for anyone better to help (‘help’ is an understatement here..maybe ‘save’?) me, my mom, and sister in this endeavor. . .Of course, we all thought you were the greatest. You were so patient and sweet, while also taking charge so gracefully, when needed. You made any potentially awkward situations with vendors a breeze. Your recommendations were invaluable. Your donut idea was a hit! And you do all of this so poised, it is really a skill. Most of all you made me feel so special the day of the wedding. I really felt like queen-of-the-day, and it was so much thanks to everything you did that entire day and night. . . I can’t say thank you enough, and I know my entire family and Brad’s family feels the same way.
— Hannah Fish Trotter, Bride {July 2014}
Thank you so much for all your help with Hannah’s wedding. You have done a great job and we truly appreciate it. The wedding and reception turned out beautifully.

I wish you well in your career and life — whether here or in Charleston!
— Dr. Wendy Fish, Mother of the Bride {July 2014}
Kelly — We could not have imagined a more perfect wedding day! Thank you for all you and your team did to make it so wonderful! Wishing you all the best!!
— Erin Chambers Stewart, Bride {June 2014}
Kelly, thank you so much for putting so much time and energy into making our wedding everything we have ever dreamed it to be. You are such a special person to us and we love you dearly.
— Jennifer Grant Dellinger, Bride {May 2014}
Thank you so much for the time and patience offered in order to make our wedding amazing! Our wedding could not have been any better.
— Stephen Dellinger, Groom {May 2014}
We can’t thank you enough for making our day so amazing. I truly didn’t expect it to go so seamlessly; I didn’t think it was possible. We woke up Monday and were just in complete awe of how wonderful it was and you and year team were definitely a huge part of that.

We can’t stop talking about how much fun we had and hope to not stop for a long time =) We’ll be in touch and will absolutely recommend you to anyone else we know getting married in the area! Best of luck with the rest of your summer weddings!
— Lori Christiansen Kraft, Bride {May 2014}
Kelly & team - We can’t thank you enough for making our wedding day so perfect; it truly was exactly what we had hoped for and couldn’t be happier! You all were so professional and took care of every detail seamlessly. It was amazing to look back and realize we didn’t have to deal with anything; we got to truly enjoy every minute of the day.
— Lori & Donny Kraft {May 2014}
I will be sure to send a more formal ‘Thank You’ but I wanted to let you know that you did a wonderful job with Mom’s wedding and I am grateful for all your work. You were easy to work with and you made a controlling daughter (me) feel at ease through the entire process. I never worried because I knew we were in great hands. Thank you for that and for your wonderful attitude!
— Sharon Davis, Daughter of the Bride {May 2014}
Just wanted to send an extra ‘thank you’ for all you did to make our wedding absolutely perfect (big families and all)! You made all of my pre-wedding planning work and ideas come off even better than I had dreamed. I’m so glad we were able to meet at the photo shoot so that we could be blessed by your extraordinary talents!
— Ginger Swan Lindsey, Bride {October 2013}
I wanted to reach out to you after a long, tiresome, but completely awesome weekend in Nashville. . . I wanted to be in touch with you first because after everything was said and done, we both kept coming back to the same’re the best fit for us. I wholeheartedly feel that you were the most thorough, sincere, authentic, prepared planner that we met with. Needless to say, we would LOVE to collaborate with you on our wedding. We hope you feel the same!!
— Carrie T., Bride {May 2015}
Wanted to send you a quick [note] to let you know how appreciative I am of your hard work. The day was seamless with no emergencies thanks to your diligence! I can’t thank you enough for being on top of everything and checking up on me. The set up was absolutely beautiful and I’ve received so many compliments on the wedding itself, and I’m so thankful you were there to orchestrate everything. . . Everything was even better than I expected and fell together perfectly!
— Hayley Cook Wilson, Bride {October 2013}
Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding go off without a hitch. It was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! It was definitely the best day either of us have ever had and our guests were blown away. More than a few said it was the best and most beautiful wedding they had ever attended and I definitely agree with them!!
— Dr. Alexa Russell King, Bride {August 2013}
Alexa and Adam are off on their honeymoon - pictures from friends are gorgeous; can’t wait to see the photographer’s ones! Please know ... what a great job you did. You even kept your calm during a mom mini-meltdown and remained professional and in control the whole time .... You have my gratitude for a most professional job that was executed perfectly.
— Tina Russell, Mother of the Bride {August 2013}
Thank you for being so gracious, kind and trusting. You helped make some of my dreams come true and I am so grateful.
— Amy Nicole Cherry, Photographer
Dawn Newcomb Baker, Bride

Dawn Newcomb Baker, Bride

Kelly, just wanted to ... let you know how thankful we were to have you at our wedding. I am not a very girly-girl and didn’t think my wedding day would be ‘the best day ever,’ but it truly was the best day of my life. Everything ran so smoothly because of your planning and thoroughness. Jeff and I didn’t have to worry, and we were able to have fun and dance, dance, dance ;)

Mary (my younger sister) commented that you were very nice at getting people motivated to do what needed to be done. She has played for quite a few weddings and has not always had that experience with the planners.
— Dawn Newcomb Baker, Bride {June 2013}
Just a note to say that you did a lovely job on Dawn and Jeff Baker’s wedding. They were so pleased with everything. . . Thanks, and great work!
— Reverend Lillian Hallstrand
Kelly is the perfect mix of impeccable style and down to earth charm. She is exactly who you want at the helm on your wedding day. Highly recommend this southern sweetheart!
— Amber Vongsamphanh, Photographer
Kelly is awesome and was very accommodating. What I like about her is that she’s very polite. She did all the dirty work regarding setup times with vendors, and dealing with all the ‘who needs to be where and when,’ but was never rude or mean to my bridal party. It was fantastic not to be a bridezilla! She is very detailed, open, very good at communicating and has her clients’ best interests in mind. She is also very efficient which was really helpful because I was a basketcase before the wedding trying to work out everything and she always was three steps ahead of me! Brilliant!

I had the best wedding, and Kelly was a huge part of that. In a nutshell - I was calm on my wedding day and wasn’t worried about a thing. Which, for my personality, says a lot!
— Kristin Kapolas Davis, Bride {September 2012}
Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard and incredible work on our wedding. Brittany & I both had a stress-free and perfect wedding day. Every detail was a hit with our families & guests and we can’t say thank you enough! Best wishes,
— Jeff Simpson, Groom {August 2012}
I have had the honor of working with wedding planner extraordinaire Kelly Dellinger on my most recent Nashville weddings and she is one of the most creative, professional, and sincere people I’ve worked with in this industry. Kelly, I appreciate all you do to make our job so much easier!
— Elizabeth Glessner, Photographer
Kelly was my ‘wedding fairy godmother’ back in April and helped to pull together all of the vendors we hired. She truly was one of the BEST investments we made for our wedding. The peace of mind she gave me as a bride was truly invaluable. We could not have done it without her!
— Brittany Racht Werth, Bride {April 2012}
Kelly is a fantastic wedding planner and a wonderful person to work with! She can help make your wedding dreams a reality!!!
— Brent Cantrell, Wedding DJ
It was nice to work with you at Ginger and Zack’s reception. Hope we get to work together again soon.
— Shayne Wingo, Martha Stamps Catering