I've had the privilege of working with some of the most lovely couples (and families!) in the past few years. Here's what they have to say:

The weekend was a success in my estimation. . . Kelly, thanks again for helping Lauren and David have a truly extraordinary wedding day!
— Vince & Sharon Wilcox, Parents of the Bride {April 2014}
I wanted to reach out to you after a long, tiresome, but completely awesome weekend in Nashville. . . I wanted to be in touch with you first because after everything was said and done, we both kept coming back to the same thought...you’re the best fit for us. I wholeheartedly feel that you were the most thorough, sincere, authentic, prepared planner that we met with. Needless to say, we would LOVE to collaborate with you on our wedding. We hope you feel the same!!
— Carrie, Bride {May 2015}
Wanted to send you a quick [note] to let you know how appreciative I am of your hard work. The day was seamless with no emergencies thanks to your diligence! I can’t thank you enough for being on top of everything and checking up on me. The set up was absolutely beautiful and I’ve received so many compliments on the wedding itself, and I’m so thankful you were there to orchestrate everything. . . Everything was even better than I expected and fell together perfectly!
— Hayley Cook Wilson, Bride {October 2013}
Thank you so much for all you did to make our wedding go off without a hitch. It was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! It was definitely the best day either of us have ever had and our guests were blown away. More than a few said it was the best and most beautiful wedding they had ever attended and I definitely agree with them!!
— Alexa Russell King, Bride {August 2013}
Alexa and Adam are off on their honeymoon - pictures from friends are gorgeous; can’t wait to see the photographer’s ones! Please know ... what a great job you did. You even kept your calm during a mom mini-meltdown and remained professional and in control the whole time .... You have my gratitude for a most professional job that was executed perfectly.
— Tina Russell, Mother of the Bride {August 2013}
Thank you for being so gracious, kind and trusting. You helped make some of my dreams come true and I am so grateful.
— Amy Nicole Cherry, Photographer
Dawn Newcomb Baker, Bride

Dawn Newcomb Baker, Bride

Kelly, just wanted to ... let you know how thankful we were to have you at our wedding. I am not a very girly-girl and didn’t think my wedding day would be ‘the best day ever,’ but it truly was the best day of my life. Everything ran so smoothly because of your planning and thoroughness. Jeff and I didn’t have to worry, and we were able to have fun and dance, dance, dance ;)

Mary (my younger sister) commented that you were very nice at getting people motivated to do what needed to be done. She has played for quite a few weddings and has not always had that experience with the planners.
— Dawn Newcomb Baker, Bride {June 2013}
Just a note to say that you did a lovely job on Dawn and Jeff Baker’s wedding. They were so pleased with everything. . . Thanks, and great work!
— Reverend Lillian Hallstrand
Kelly is the perfect mix of impeccable style and down to earth charm. She is exactly who you want at the helm on your wedding day. Highly recommend this southern sweetheart!
— Amber Vongsamphanh, Photographer
Kelly is awesome and was very accommodating. What I like about her is that she’s very polite. She did all the dirty work regarding setup times with vendors, and dealing with all the ‘who needs to be where and when,’ but was never rude or mean to my bridal party. It was fantastic not to be a bridezilla! She is very detailed, open, very good at communicating and has her clients’ best interests in mind. She is also very efficient which was really helpful because I was a basketcase before the wedding trying to work out everything and she always was three steps ahead of me! Brilliant!

I had the best wedding, and Kelly was a huge part of that. In a nutshell - I was calm on my wedding day and wasn’t worried about a thing. Which, for my personality, says a lot!
— Kristin Kapolas Davis, Bride {September 2012}
Thank you SO MUCH for all of your hard and incredible work on our wedding. Brittany & I both had a stress-free and perfect wedding day. Every detail was a hit with our families & guests and we can’t say thank you enough! Best wishes,
— Jeff Simpson, Groom {August 2012}
I have had the honor of working with wedding planner extraordinaire Kelly Dellinger on my most recent Nashville weddings and she is one of the most creative, professional, and sincere people I’ve worked with in this industry. Kelly, I appreciate all you do to make our job so much easier!
— Elizabeth Glessner, Photographer
Kelly was my ‘wedding fairy godmother’ back in April and helped to pull together all of the vendors we hired. She truly was one of the BEST investments we made for our wedding. The peace of mind she gave me as a bride was truly invaluable. We could not have done it without her!
— Brittany Racht Werth, Bride {April 2012}
Kelly is a fantastic wedding planner and a wonderful person to work with! She can help make your wedding dreams a reality!!!
— Brent Cantrell, Wedding DJ
It was nice to work with you at Ginger and Zack’s reception. Hope we get to work together again soon.
— Shayne Wingo, Martha Stamps Catering